Yoga & Meditation Courses For Any Budget

Yoga & Meditation Courses For Any Budget

Transformational Content Bundles Taken From My Premium Tribe Membership.

Get Started Yoga Bundle

Get Started Yoga Bundle

This mini-bundle is designed to give you a taste of my yoga style and focuses on the basics of yoga. We’ll chat common postures and how to keep safe alignment as you practice. I’ve also included mini lessons to help you understand other important elements of the practice.

What's Included?
  • Gentle Morning Stretch (11 min)
  • Back to Basics Yoga (25 min)
  • Alignment Focused Yoga (45 min)
  • Yoga for Mobility (55 min)
  • Mini lessons: Savasana 101, Ujjayi Breath, and Namaste
  • Bonus: 75-page E-Book Guide to Yoga at Home
Feel Awesome Yoga Bundle

Feel Awesome Yoga Bundle

This yoga bundle is designed to leave you feeling freakin’ awesome! Through goofy movements and confidence focused classes, my intention is to leave you in a big smile each savasana. There’s a variety of different yoga styles, from gentle stretching or flow, but they’re all aligned to boost your mood.

What's Included?
  • Feel Good Yoga w/ Bobbi- Jo (11 min)
  • Calming Yoga Stretches (25 min)
  • Goofy Flow Yoga (28 minutes)
  • Awaken Your Solar Plexus Chakra (30 min)
  • Yoga for Anxiety (35 min)
  • Playful Vinyasa Flow (51 min)
  • Yoga for Confidence and Empowerment (54 min)
  • Bonus: Morning Mantra Meditation
Strong & Energizing  Yoga Bundle

Strong & Energizing Yoga Bundle

This is the perfect bundle for the yogi who loves to sweat, feel strong, and tone up the body. These classes are also designed to give you a lot of energy and boost the endorphins in the body. Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, you’ll find the right workout for you.

What's Included?
  • Energizing Yoga Flow (8 min)
  • Quick Vinyasa Flow for Energy (12 min)
  • Yoga for an Energy Boost (26 min)
  • You Betta Werk Yoga (35 Min)
  • Standing Vinyasa Flow (37 min)
  • Yoga for Toning (40 min)
  • Core Strength & Balance (45 min)
  • Bonus: Motivation Workshop
Gentle & Yin Yoga Bundle

Gentle & Yin Yoga Bundle

These classes are all designed to help you sloooooww dooown. We move slowly, gently, and often hold poses with the support of pillows, blankets, or even comfy in bed. These classes are also wonderful for people struggling with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm, as we slow ya down and shower you in yummy love.

What's Included?
  • Morning Yoga in Bed (10 min)
  • Upper Body Stretch (12 min)
  • Comfy Bed Time Yoga (24 min)
  • Gentle Pillow Restorative Yoga (36 min)
  • Relaxing Yin Yoga (36 min)
  • Wall & Pillow Yin Yoga (43 min)
  • Yoga for Slowing Down (62 min)
  • Bonus: Relaxation Meditation with Body Scan
Own Your Feminine Power Yoga Bundle

Own Your Feminine Power Yoga Bundle

Feeling the desire to connect with your feminine energy? These yoga classes are ALL lady inspired, with a gentle class for your period, lunar energy, and lots of shakti (goddess dance) inspiration. I even through in a ladies night class. It’s a lot more dancey, flowy and SO feminine!

What's Included?
  • Gentle Flow for Your Period (12 min)
  • Awaken Shakti Yoga Flow (13 min)
  • Yoga for Releasing Emotions (31 min)
  • Activate Sacral Chakra with Yoga (32 min)
  • Female Yin Yoga (45 min)
  • Ladies Night Flow (60 min)
  • Lunar Energy Yoga (61 min)
  • Bonus: Trainings on Cycles and Femininity in Yoga
Deep Stretch Yoga Bundle

Deep Stretch Yoga Bundle

These classes are all designed for specific deep stretches. While yoga is always a full-body stretch, I’ve pulled together all my focused classes for: hips, back, hamstrings, spine, etc. Most of these classes are more on the yin, slow side, but you’ll find a varieties with emphasized on deeeeep stretch.

What's Included?
  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain (20 min)
  • Yoga for a Flexible Spine (24 min)
  • Yoga When You’re Feelin’ Stiff (27 min)
  • Post-Run Yoga Stretch (39 min)
  • Yin Yoga for Healthy Hips (54 min)
  • Yin Yoga Flow for Hamstrings (57 min)
  • Yoga for Knee and Sciatic Pain (70 min)
  • Bonus: Breathing Meditation
Guided Meditation Bundle

Guided Meditation Bundle

Grab ten of my favorite guided meditations from the membership. These range from 4 – 20 minutes with a variety of themes: calming, energizing, self love, stress relief, etc.

What's Included?
  • Calming Breath Meditation (7 min)
  • Cleansing Rain Meditation (11 min)
  • Focused Square Breath Meditation (5 min)
  • Forgiveness Meditation (10 min)
  • Light Meditation (4 min)
  • Metta Loving Kindness ( 20 min)
  • Mindfulness Meditation (4 min)
  • Restful Sleep Meditation (20 min)
  • Self Love Meditation (15 min)
  • Stress Relief Meditation (7 min)


Align Your Chakras Yoga Bundle

Align Your Chakras Yoga Bundle

Chakras are energy centers within the body, the main ones running down your spine and connecting to different elements of your life – feeling secure, confidence, open to love, etc. This yoga sequence has classes designed to align your chakras and energize each center.

What's Included?
  • Yoga to Open the Root Chakra (37 min)
  • Activate Sacral Chakra with Yoga (32 min)
  • Awaken Your Solar Plexus Chakra (30 min)
  • Heart Chakra Expansion Flow (30 min)
  • Open Your Throat Chakra (27 min)
  • Third Eye Chakra Activation Yoga (18 min)
  • Align All Your Chakras (24 min)
  • Bonus Training: What the heck is a chakra and what does it mean for you?
Relationships Training Bundle

Relationships Training Bundle



OR, Access All Of These Bundles AND Much More For Free.

Trial 70+ HOURS of content with The Remote Yogi Tribe.

I’ve created a unique 8-Pillar teaching method that’s SO much more than just yoga.

It’s a complete system to uproot all of the lies holding you back, and to replace them with empowering stories that change your life. Yoga is merely an awesome delivery system for this transformation.

Here is how the 8-Pillars all build upon each other to uncover the beautiful, authentic goddess within you:

(Click the colored title columns to see all of the content included in each).

1. Movement & Health

This is by far the largest category with over 45 targeted yoga classes TOTALLING 20 HOURS of video content. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Fastest class is a 6 minute super active flow.
  • Chair yoga lessons so you can stretch and get the blood flowing while sat in the office. 
  • Standing only yoga sequences to do anywhere without needing a mat
  • Focused fat burning and strength training 35-minute sequence.
  • Classes that focus on any “problem” area; booty toning, chest and arms, core and abs, back strength.
  • Over 10 different flow sequences to transition between moves as you breathe. 
  • Full body strength, stability, flexibility, and toning classes.
  • Goofy yoga to get you out of your head and having fun!
  • My favorite! A 43-minute wall and pillow gentle yoga session.
  • 4-Week Energizing Vegan Meal Plan: Designed to change up your diet to a health-focused one to boost your energy and mood.
  • Full “Beginners Guide to Yoga at Home” 73-page guide book. This sells for $27.
  • 24 Printable Yoga sequences that are easy to use on the go, without a device.

Yoga forms the anchor for this whole process. It’s amazing for making you fit, strong, flexible, and much calmer. Around this “keystone habit”, we add in more powerful habits like meditation, a healthy diet, self-reflection, affirmations, journaling and more. 

2. Building Habits

  • Active or gentle yoga designed to be finished in under 10 minutes as soon as you wake up.
  • 25 minute energizing yoga to do even if you’re tired.
  • Two different guided meditations to increase your focus.
  • How to set goals that you’re actually passionate about: 30 minute workshop
  • Habit 101: 20 minute workshop on the easiest and most powerful ways to build habits that stick.
  • My top productivity habits to get WAY more done, 25 minute workshop. 
  • You’ll learn the secrets to forming lasting habits that you’re passionate about. Transformation takes repetition, so locking these powerful techniques into regular habits is essential. 

    3. Healing Physical Pain

  • 8 or 55 minute active yoga for mobility. 52 minute gentle yoga for flexibility
  • 12 minute gentle yoga to soothe period pain
  • 25, 34 or 50 minute twisting yoga to detox your organs and feel energized
  • 24 minute flexible spine or 20 minute lower back pain yoga.
  • 18 minute migraine healing yoga.
  • Relaxed 17 minute hip opening yoga for tightness and sexual confidence
  • 57 minute session for tight hamstrings
  • Slow 70 minute yoga to soothe knee or sciatic pain.
  • 15 minute body scan meditation to really examine your body and learn where the pain originates. 
  • Performing yoga regularly is incredibly effective at healing chronic pains and injuries. Lubricating joints and balancing out muscle groups will remove debilitating pain over time. You’ll access classes that target a huge variety of commonly injured areas.

    4. Spiritual Awakening

    • 13 minute of active Shakti (divine feminine) yoga to put you in contact with your inner goddess. 
    • 20 minute yoga to release trauma from your past which is holding you back.
    • 25 minute gentle yoga with sound healing to unlock repressed emotions with guest teacher Kelsey. 
    • 30 minute emotional release yoga, and 20 minute sobriety yoga with Helen, designed to release the grip of destructive patterns on your life. 
    • 60 minute “ladies night” active flow class. This group class brings a lot of empowering sisterhood to support you with difficult growth. 
    • 60 minute lunar energy session to find power connecting your feminine cycles and the cycles of the moon.
    • 45 minute female yin yoga. Long stretches to bring grounded confidence in your feminine body. 
    • Fire breathing breathwork class: This powerful breathing can be an incredible catalyst to unlock repressed feelings or memories. 
    • 60 minutes lady cycles workshop: As women, our cycles offer us amazing power, if we understand how to best act and focus as our hormone levels vary throughout the month. 
    • 20 minute “Emotional Freedom Technique” workshop. This is one of the most powerful techniques I’ve ever experienced. Tapping on various energy centers of the body can unleash waves of emotions and repressed stories. SO powerful. 

    As you become more and more calm from your yoga and meditation habits, you’ll start to access your subconscious. We will use spiritual awakening practices to uncover the limiting beliefs and negative stories that are holding you back. We also practice embodying our divine femininity and the power that comes with it.   

    5. Discovery Your Authenticity

  • Becoming present: 12 minute ab focused yoga. 
  • Activate your sacral chakra for passion and creativity 28 minute yoga.
  • Gentle 20 minute yoga to find passion with guest teacher Lara.
  • Finding strong intention. 20 minute relaxed yoga flow.  
  • Enter the present moment quickly! 4 minute guided meditation.
  • Visualizing your dream life 4 minute guided meditation. 
  • Morning affirmations 6 minute meditation to start your day off with positivity and joy.
  • Sat Nam meditation. Hear your intuition and it’s truth 6 minute meditation.
  • Blanketing peace visualization. 11 minute guided meditation.
  • Finding clarity and direction 16 minute guided meditation. Great for resolutions!
  • Manifesting your dreams. Intention setting 30 minute guided meditation.
  • Motivation 101: A 45+ minute deep dive workshop on how motivation actually works, and why you’re not feeling “motivated”.
  • Authenticity: One of my favorites – a 45 minute workshop on courageously knowing yourself, your values, emotions and beliefs. We uproot toxic stories like perfectionism or negative comparisons. 
  • Money Mindset and Abundance: 45 minute workshop to discover the stories that keep you back from wealth and success in life. 
  • Using Your Intuition: A quick 15 minute workshop to understand what blocks your intuition, and how to find and listen to it as a guide to your most beautiful, authentic life. 
  • Year in Review worksheet. This is what I use to set intentions in the new year. 
  • The beautiful templates I use for my bullet journal and calendar.
  • My most powerful journal prompts for self-discovery and inner reflection. 
  • How to find clarity on what you actually want in life: Journal worksheet. 
  • 14 Days of Mindfulness Workbook: Simple daily tasks to bring calm mindfulness into your day. 
  • A list of the 60+ books that have transformed my life.
  • To be motivated and passionate, you must discover who your authentic self is. What you truly value and desire. We then use these to create empowering new stories that uproot and replace the toxic ones that were holding you back. 

    6. Overcoming Fear & Eliminating Stress

  • Pranayoga. This is a 14 minute breathwork class (like the one I talked about a few days ago) combined with a yoga class. Very intense, very calming. 
  • Focus out of anxiety 30 minute yoga class. To observe your anxious thoughts. 
  • Anxiety calming yoga 35 minute class.
  • Gentle 35 minute pillow yoga and 25 minute bed-time yoga to calm your thoughts before bed. 
  • Relaxing yin-yoga 35 or 60 minute classes to lean in to deep stretches. An amazing way to practice releasing worries
  • Slowing down 60 minute yoga. How to stop mental “to-do” checklists and become present.
  • Ujjayi breathwork. This “yogis” breathing is very calming. Great to do when you’re triggered by something. 
  • Calming breathing guided meditations for 7 or 10 minutes.
  • Stress relieving 8 minute guided meditation.
  • Releasing fear quickly, 5 minute guided meditation. 
  • Relax your nervous system 16 minute guided meditation. 
  • Drift off to sleep 20 minute guided meditation. 
  • Love vs Fear: This 40+ minute workshop teaches you how to stop living in a fearful state. By doing this, you can gain courage to chase your desires and become your authentic self.
  • Relationship with time: This 30+ minute workshop relates to the story I just told. We rework your relation to time in order to reduce the anxiety and overwhelm that comes from a time relationship based on lies. 
  • Stress & Anxiety: This 30+ minute workshop takes you through the differences between the two, and my most powerful techniques to overcome these fearful states.

      We use a wide range of tools to uproot and overcome fear based stories. We remove the stories that keep us locked in worries about the future and everything we should be doing, and replace them with calmness, appreciation and gratitude for our present. 

      7. Unleashing Your Confidence

    • 15 minute active yoga to build your booty and boost confidence.
    • A 10 minute gentle sequence that makes you feel joyous and awesome. 
    • 15, 20, and 25 minute “grounding” sequences that makes you feel strong and self-assured. One is from a beautiful guest teacher Nadine, I’ll tell you more about her in another email! 
    • An intense 55 minute yoga flow focused solely on making you feel like a fiery confident goddess.
    • A 45 minute self-compassion flow, designed to build self-love, which leads to self-worth, which is the root of true authentic confidence
    • We’ve got some POWERFUL guided meditations cover all of the building blocks of confidence: self-love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness to yourself and others, connection to your authentic intuition and more.
    • You can also watch my workshop about identifying and overcoming fear. This is almost 30 minutes of coaching grade content that digs out limiting beliefs and fears that make you feel insecure, unconfident, and that hold you back from your potential.
    • You will learn to overcome insecure stories such as perfectionism and toxic comparisons, and replace them with self-love. These self-love practices will make you feel worthy of your desires just as you are. That worthiness leads to massive self-confidence and self-respect.  

      8. Deep & Meaningful Connections

    • Partner yoga 40 minute lesson to do with another person. Connect with a friend or lover with this fun session.
    • Metta meditation: 18 minute guided meditation to feel “loving kindness” towards others in and beyond your life. Creates feelings of deep gratitude and connection.
    • Surviving the Holidays: The holidays can be very demanding; gifts to buy, less free time, family feuds, financial pressure. This 35 minute workshop teaches how to avoid overwhelm and feel present for your loved ones, even in the most stressful times. 
    • Practical Chakras: This 35 minute workshop relates each chakra to a different area of life fulfilment. Then we cover ways to balance these facets to feel passionate, confident, successful and loving.
    • Relationship Training: This three part training is over three hours long. It shares how to build far stronger, deeper relationships with your friends, family and partners. We establish our own values, and how they relate to our relationship values. We cover communication techniques, boundary setting, self care, and what codependency actually looks like. 
    • Monthly live calls: Each month the Tribe members get on a live call to cheer each other on, and for me to answer any personal or coaching questions you have. This is a chance for free coaching, and to meet and get supported by all of the amazing women in the Tribe.
    • Once you’ve worked on all of the other pillars to unleash your beautiful, authentic inner goddess, you’re in store for an amazing reward: incredibly deep and meaningful relationships with your friends, family and partners.