A Soul Sister's Guide to Self Love

8-Week Group Coaching Course

Ready for amazing transformation?

Forget everything you’ve heard about self love.

Do you ever find yourself eye rolling at the term self love?

Do you find yourself thinking, ya know?

I’d rather not spend $7 on a bath bomb that’s marketed to this whole “self care” BS.

Or maybe, you’ve tried it out. You’ve used the affirmations and felt really good…

For about two minutes before you fell back into the same self-sabotaging patterns you were experiencing before?

 Girl, we get it. We’ve been there. 

Truth is, you already love yourself.

 You pull yourself out of bed each morning and show up for the day.

Even when it is hard.

THAT is self love. 

And yet, you’re still here, curious.

Because some part of you knows it could be different.

Some part of you is ready for change. 

You know what we’re talking about.

It’s the part of you that is exhausted by trying to “do it all perfectly.”

It’s the voice inside that mutters, “hey, maybe we are being a little hard on ourselves?”

It’s the involuntary movement to keep reading this page.

That’s your inner warrior goddess,

and she’s screaming, “send me some love already!”

What if we told you that self care goes beyond spa days and bubble baths?

(although you won’t find any haters ‘round here)

This is an invitation to see it all differently,

To toss your old beliefs of self love aside and make room for something new.

Over eight weeks, we share powerful lessons on how to shift your mindset.

What does it mean to feel worthy?

How can you really take control of your inner critic?

What about the way you feel about your body?

Or omg! Sex?!

Yep, we cover it ALL.