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Hi, I'm Taryn

Why am I so damn passionate about yoga and self care? It SAVED my life! Seriously.

Before I found the tools I am sharing with you, I was a complete wreck of anxiety and depression. My life revolved around the chase of perfectionism, until I pulled myself off the bathroom floor after another panic attack and made a decision – this was not going to be my life story.

I left a broken marriage, sold all my belongings, and set out to travel the world. I’ve made it my mission to help other women who are feeling stuck to discover the joy of true freedom and self love, through the foundations of yoga and mindset.

To me, self care is a daily practice and my hope is to leave by my imperfect example.


“Taryn’s natural ability to create such a safe space and hold space for people is incredible, and her women’s circles are a testament to this.

I leave every single time feeling heard, seen, supported and guided.

Her coaching has helped me move forwards in my chosen path and overcome obstacles of self-doubt, unworthiness and fear that have always held me back.

She is so inspiring, and such an incredible coach, not just because of her knowledge but because of her authenticity, and how she has clearly learned to embrace herself fully.”

– Stephanie M, UK

“You’ve helped me find inner strength that I have been missing for ages.

I have never been so sure of myself or loved myself more than I do at this moment.”

– Anni Hy, USA

“After 3 months of yoga with Taryn every day, I can clearly see the flexibility I have gained, and that’s one of the best rewards: getting to know, use and appreciate my body better. I would highly recommend to anyone!”

– Roxane G, France

“Taryn is a woman with unlimited talents. I first met her at a New Moon Ceremony in Bali. She was so HERSELF–I didn’t feel like she was trying to be a “yogi” or anything other than her fun, genuine, down to earth self.

This made me feel safe to be myself, and I ended up asking her for one on one coaching which was one of the best decisions I could have made. She offered me so much support in a time when I was very vulnerable.She coached me on values, deepening pleasure, and freeing myself from negative internal stories. I highly recommend Taryn in all the work she does and offers to this world.”

– Rachel H, USA

How to stop overthinking and self doubt in just 20 minutes.

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