Online Yoga

Looking to practice yoga with me? Check out these four different opportunities to do so!

1. Join the Tribe

The Remote Yogi Tribe is my online membership that will give you access to our full yoga classes, meditations, lifestyle and wellness workshops, live calls with Taryn, and so much more. Connect with a group of yoga practitioners all over the world and practice wherever, whenever you would like.

Membership costs are $20 a month, but you can try it out for free

Learn more here > 

2. Private Lessons Online

Whether you are new to the practice or are a long-time yoga student, private lessons can be the exact thing you need to take your practice to the next level. We don’t always have access to a yoga studio or private teacher, so online courses off the convenience to get individualized attention from wherever we are. Plus, online lessons can be a major cost savings, with Taryn’s classes being as low as $50 per session. Learn more about the benefits of private lessons and how it works online here >

3. Push Yourself – Free 14 Day Challenge

Not ready to commit to a membership or private lessons? That’s okay! Our 14 Day Yoga Challenge will give you a free yoga lesson every day for two weeks. Each lesson is specifically designed to target different parts of the body, mind and soul. Plus, we had your busy lifestyle in mind. Each lesson is 10-25 minutes; easy peasy! Ready to sign up?

4. Follow the Blog

Committing financially to yoga can be a big step, we totally get that. This is why we have designed the blog and our email newsletter to provide free tools and resources to bring more yoga into your life. Each week, we share recipes, lifestyle tips, travel resources, and yoga sequences. Plus, you can gain access to even more resources and personal insights from Taryn by subscribing to our email newsletter.