My Gift to You

Classes to Clear Stress, Energize You, and Boost Your Confidence – 100% Free!

To make it easier than ever to find all of my best free tools, I’ve designed this online portal for YOU with yoga, meditations, and coaching workshops for big life pivots.

Classes to Clear Stress, Energize You, and Boost Your Confidence – 100% Free!

To make it easier than ever to find all of my best free tools, I’ve designed this online portal for YOU with yoga, meditations, and coaching workshops.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

14-Day Yoga Challenge

What to expect from the RY Yoga Challenge: 

  • Defeat Stress & Overwhelm: Personal classes for relaxation, slowing down, finding balance and improving focus.

  • Rapid Lessons: All classes are only 10-25 minutes, so will always fit into your life (no matter how crazy it is)!?

  • Sexy and Confident: We combine self-love with classes that tone your legs, core and whilst we’re at it, a perky booty 

  • Super Simple: Health and fitness made easy. No experience or equipment needed.

  • Learn at Home: The videos can be followed at any time, from the comfort of your home! No need to feel intimidated by a studio full of contortionists.

CALM & FREE: 3-Day Challenge

Get a daily 30-minute workshop and tools designed to free yourself from overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. These classes are here to shake off funky energy with playful movement, calming breathwork, easy reflection, and emotional support!


With movement practices and meditation to drop you back into your body.


By dropping in, there’s inner-guidance to give you clarity on your deeper desires.

3-Day Self Belief Challenge

In just three days, I’ll help you turn self doubt to powerful confidence. Self belief goes beyond confidence. It’s an inner knowing that you are truly capable of anything that you desire, which propels you into aligned action.

NEw beliefs

Let go of all the ways you think things “should” be and radically accept yourself.


Stop being your biggest critic and instead, become your biggest cheerleader!


I have PACKED this portal with so many incredible resources to support your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


Take the free quiz on what’s holding you back and what do do about it.


Throughout the freebie portal, you will find a variety of guided meditations.


Get 20+ printable yoga PDFs so you can have sequences on hand at all times.


Get my powerful e-book with two weeks of simple, everyday mindfulness practices.


Get my worksheet to make a powerful, life-changing vision board.


Connect with a community of like-minded people in the Facebook group.


“I’m two days in and I absolutely love it. I’ve subscribed to online studios before, but none like yours. Thank you so much for providing this for everyone!” – Kelcie S

“Thank you so much for having this free challenge option! Like you mentioned yoga is extremely expensive so I am trying to learn myself. I’m busy with work so it is best for me to teach myself at home and I am hoping this challenge really helps.” – Alexandra S

“I am enjoying the Challenge. I’m having fun & I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with what I’m working with now!” – Natalyne B

“Thank You, Taryn, for your Asanas of Chathuranga. It’s a very valuable exercise for increasing strength of arms & legs. I am really delighted. I really appreciate your patience while explaining the lessons.” – Anand R

“Everything is going terrific. I love the idea that in a different class I am practising a different aspect of what yoga is. Such a nice way to learn this beautiful practise.”

– Fernanda M

I just found your blog and think that it’s a really magnificent work! I am currently a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala and I was struggling to keep up my yoga practice (I started practicing months before I came to Guate so its still hard for me to come up with sequences on the fly) and your printable are going to be my saving grace!” – Ana C

“I just signed up to your website and have been getting so many amazing resources for my Yoga practice and Mindfulness!” – Stephanie M

“The online videos and poses are easy to follow, and I can schedule my own yoga classes whenever I have time in my schedule.” – Lauren D

I’m super excited and super inspired to complete your classes. I’m becoming a yogi!??? I’m just taking things slowly, so not a lot of questions so far. Thanks again! God bless you for all the people you help.” – Preciousvy L