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remote yogi book club

We come together to read a different personal development, yoga, or spirituality based book each month. Completely free to participate!

The Remote Yogi Book Club is a safe place for us to come together and build community around the love of reading, learning, and growing. We will primarily focus on female authors and books more directed to women, but I invite men to join along, as it’s good learning for everyone!

Book topics may include: – Personal Growth – Yoga and Spirituality – Overcoming Fears – Becoming Confident

Each month, we will choose a new book to focus on. I am only selecting books that can be found in both the audio, digital, and physical form to meet all walks of life. Plus, I am a HUGE fan of audio books with my crazy lifestyle.

This space is for you to come together and discuss. I’ve had my best experiences with growth focused books when I am reading them with a friend. So, I wanted to share that experience with you. Ask questions! Explore topics! Share your hardships, your triumphs, whatever stories come to mind. This is a safe space.

I will post prompts or questions weekly to help get the conversation going. Once a month, I will schedule a live call to take any questions or have a discussion about the book topic.

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