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Defeat Stress & Overwhelm

Personal classes for relaxation, slowing down, finding balance and improving focus. ?

Rapid Lessons

All classes are only 10-25 minutes, so will always fit into your life (no matter how crazy it is)! ?

Sexy & Confident

We combine self-love and compassion with classes that tone your legs, core and whilst we’re at it, a perky booty ?

Super Simple

Health and fitness made easy. No experience or equipment needed. ??

Learn at Home

The videos can be followed at any time, from the comfort of your home! No need to feel intimidated by a studio full of contortionists ?

I have been following your class every day x 2 and I love it. I think you are such a good teacher. I am so glad I stumbled across your site and got to join your tribe. I think this will finally be my rescue. I love that you made yoga possible for me and I love the whole lifestyle around it. I look forward to your class every morning. 

Elisabeth H

Hi Taryn! I’ve done my first class on the sun salutations and it felt amazing to get up in the morning and move my body. Thanks so much!

Lexi T

One on one lessons with Taryn are awesome. I have 0 confidence when it comes to yoga, and she doesn’t let me get down on myself. The best part is the convenience of having The Remote Yogi with me wherever I go. 

Lauren D

Taryn, I wanted to let you know I have officially completed the 14 day challenge. Yay! I want to thank you again for putting your time and energy into others. Thank you for the personal messages that helped me not drop yoga again. Day 3 remains my favorite. I have more, I do more, I am more. I just say that sometimes throughout my days. Thanks!

Presciousvy L

Thank you so much.. I feel much refreshed after doing this! I would like to continue & end up in a cool & confident new me! Hope yogi challenge will help me through this.


I’m so grateful to Taryn for all her patience, guidance and knowledge! She has helped me achieve more control over my mind and body. Her knowledge is extensive and her heart is priceless


Thank you for creating this portal and sharing these insightful resources to add more Yoga into our lives. I am feeling really good since I started off with simple yoga at home, as compared to hours in the gym. I am looking forward to so much of learning.

Apoorva P<br />

I have been feeling much better since I have known you, your video classes, your advice, your sharings.

Diana C

At the moment, as a beginner Yogi, I feel that all my interests regarding yoga have been met. Taryn, you’re wonderful, and have helped me process a lot of thoughts and energy into positive responses, instead of just ‘dealing with it’ and I’m very thankful for you and your teachings.

Aitza O

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