1 On 1 Coaching with Taryn Raine

Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Mindset Coach

Creating the confident, badass YOU

Self Care

Self care is the foundation to everything I teach, whether it’s through yoga, mindset training, or creating habits. Personal wellbeing is priority.

Reshaping Mindset

Often what’s holding you back is the pattern of old stories and beliefs. We work to identify and change up these patterns, creating your new internal dialogues.

Stress Management

Anxiety and stress aren’t serving you, right? I will work with you to create the best tools and habits to alleviate these symptoms in your life.

Self Exploration

You were created to enjoy growth. Through identifying your core values and drivers, you can find direction for your life and enjoy the journey.

Helping you discover the confident badass within

You are here, right now, because you are seeking a better version of you.

There is a part of you longing for true change..

Perhaps you are feeling exhausted by chasing after some ideal of perfectionism? Anxiety and stress acting prison guard over your mind? The frustration of “just being positive” not helping anything?

You’re done with that life. You’re done beating yourself up every day for not fitting into some mold. Right?

You’re ready to wake up!It’s time to step into your worth, to feel damn good about yourself, and be free to be your authentic self.

Transformation. Confidence. Freedom.

It’s all possible for you. You deserve it.
And you know it; that’s why you’re here. I believe the most powerful changes occur when we approach things holistically.

What is holistic wellness?

It’s an approach to well-being that looks at the bigger picture, rather than just focusing on one area of your health.

Physical Well-being

How are you feeling physically and where can we make improvements? We might look at making changes to fitness, diet, or self-care. 

Mental Well-being

Let’s take a look at your mental health. Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Are you expanding your capacity to learn? We may take a look at mindfulness or meditation practices.

Emotional Well-being

How are you doing emotionally or at a deeper soul level? This is where we pay attention to allowing ALL emotions to surface. We may also dig into spiritual practices, based on your preferences.


We take a good look at where we can make improvements in each space.
THIS is the pathway to feeling amazing, in all aspects.

Embracing Authenticity

“Working with Taryn has taught me so much about confidence, self love, mindset, the way I see myself…  She’s not only a coach, she’s a cheerleader, a friend, a mentor, a support system; she’s there when you need her.

– Courtney Gehle, South Africa

What does coaching with Taryn look like?

With my coaching services, you will have powerful one-on-one video calls that are focused on creating powerful steps to bring you closer to your dream self. In between calls, enjoy the support of voice notes, check-ins, and badass reminders that you’re freaking awesome. You also receive access or discounts to all memberships and courses.

One-on-One Video Calls

In each call, we will dive deep into the inner work, with your growth at the forefront of the conversation. You will receive a recording of each call so you can go back and re-listen to anything that sparked.

Mindfulness Practices

In the call, we may: practice meditation, try breathing work, connect with oracle cards, etc. based upon your desires and what feels good.

Open Communications

You will have ongoing access to Taryn between calls, through private messaging and voice note support. 

Remote Yogi Tribe Membership

Enjoy free access to the Remote Yogi Tribe membership throughout your coaching, giving you an inventory of yoga videos, meditations, workshops, and a power posse of support. 

Assignments and Tools

Taryn will provide new assignments each call to give you actionable steps towards your goal. She will also provide extra resources and tools, such as meditations, mantras, journal prompts, books, meal plans, etc. 

Only some of the topics Taryn can coach you on:


Personal & Business Growth

“Working with Taryn over the last few months has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business and my personal life. She holds space for me and offers such a fresh perspective on things. She helped me find conclusions I wouldn’t have found alone.”

– Lindsey McKelvey, USA

Coaching Package Options

Single Session 

  • 1 video call session with Taryn, recorded for playback later
  • Assignment with actionable steps to take towards goal

Light and Flexible

  • This package is designed for those of you who are looking for some extra guidance on your own personal journey.
  • 6 video call session with Taryn, recorded for playback later (scheduled at leisure)
  • Voice note and text support (up to three months)
  • Individualized assignments and resources
  • 3-month access to the Remote Yogi Tribe membership
  • Discount to all the Remote Yogi Courses

Ready for Growth 

  • This package is perfect for those who are ready to plunge all in and have the additional accountability of weekly calls.
  • 12 weekly call sessions with Taryn, recorded for playback later
  • Voice note and text support (up to three months)
  • Individualized assignments and resources
  • 3-month access to the Remote Yogi Tribe membership
  • Discount to all the Remote Yogi Courses

*** 6 and 12-month versions of this package are also available

Wellness Warrior – Monthly Program

  • This is for the inner warrior who is ready to do some serious work for complete transformation of holistic wellness – body, mind, and soul.
  • Deep dive initial meeting to create a personalized plan for your transformation. In this call, we will create a plan for your physical health (fitness, meals, etc.), your mental health (learning, self-exploration), and your emotional health (meditation, inner work).
  • Weekly call sessions with Taryn, recorded for playback later
  • Voice note and text support
  • Individualized assignments and resources
  • 1-month access to the Remote Yogi Tribe membership
  • Discount to all the Remote Yogi Courses
“Taryn is the real deal, as knowledgeable as she is passionate, she is a woman living her truth. My session with Taryn was the perfect balance of exploration and action, ending in a trip to a local art store to buy materials. Who doesn’t look buying new pens?!  I felt very comfortable in Taryn’s company and felt able to me myself fully, not an experience I have always had with other coaches. I would recommend connecting with Taryn if you have the chance

– Stella McLeod, UK

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