Before we talk about me, can I just say…


Seriously – no matter where you are currently with your mental, physical or emotional wellbeing – you’re doing great.

I believe that you’re always doing the best you can and YOU deserve compassion. When you approach your personal growth with love and acceptance, you create safety for the messy parts of you – which are just as beautiful as the shiny parts.

and, I’m glad you’re here.

Current Obsessions: dance classes, RuPaul watch parties, and seeing women standing in fierce confidence and self belief

The Remote Yogi

I seek to empower others to take control of their wellness and feel freaking amazing. Through the principles of yoga and mindset training, I teach my students how to create the right practices that allow them to truly thrive.

I created the Remote Yogi to build an online community of people who are seeking to make change in their life. Whether a full-time traveler (like me) or a student in a small town without a yoga studio, you can build your better YOU from anywhere. I’m here to help you do it!

I believe in the powerful connection of mind, body, and spirit and the importance of aligning all three elements to enjoy an enriched life. Therefore, I teach a style of yoga that goes beyond the body and asana (poses). Yoga is a constant journey and a remembering of our true nature. I’m here to help my students find themselves again and feel 100% confident in their own skin.

I aim to create an atmosphere that allows you to explore what works for you. I share mindfulness practices, yoga courses, recipes, lifestyle tips, spiritual lessons, etc. Take what serves you, and leave the rest! I don’t believe that anything in life is one size fits all. Instead, I wish to educate you to make your own path. Let’s learn and grow together!

My Values & Beliefs


We are all designed to be constantly learning, growing, and shifting. I believe you don’t owe it to anyone to remain the same person today as you were yesterday. Growth is magical and thrilling; my addiction.


I know it’s cheesy, but love is really the answer to all that stands in our way. Love is the opposite of fear and it’s fear that hold us back. I believe that by focusing on love, we clear our path to our dreams. 


Feeling trapped or playing small are two experiences I’d rather avoid in my life (been there, done that). With freedom as one of my values, I focus on creating a life that allows me to feel expansive and open. This is where my love for travel and adventure finds its roots. 


Honesty is a priority in my life, even when it’s uncomfortable and unpleasant. This is why I will never BS with my clients and students. It’s also a driver for my need to learn more about myself and the world around me.

A Bit of My Story

When I was first introduced to yoga, it truly changed my life. Throughout most of my life, I battled with severe anxiety and depression. It was exhausting and debilitating. My very first yoga class presented a miraclea clear, focused mind. It was a wake up call to take my self care seriously. 

But it took me years to truly find ongoing peace. I became a yoga teacher in a small town in AZ, but I was still suffering from near daily panic attacks. I felt trapped and alone in a very broken marriage, but didn’t believe I was capable of being on my own. 

Overtime, I was able to meet a more badass, confident version of myself. I found the courage to file for divorce and leave my unhappy suburban life behind. I sold all my belongings and leapt into the unkown. Since then, I have been traveling the world full-time while sharing what I love while running multiple businesses.

My story is proof of what’s in store for your life when you embrace radical self compassion and self trust. 

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