We all want loving relationships, but it turns out, few of us learned healthy relationship tools as we grew up.

My guest today, Eri Kardos, is the founder and lead coach of Relearn Love, LLC. Eri’s specialty is helping people elevate their relationships for deeper, more intimate, and fulfilling connections.

Her science and somatic-based methods spark old and new passion, take you to new places of intimacy, and melt away the patterns of conflict. She helps you learn new ways to communicate and connect so that you can create the partnership you dreamed of when you started out together.

She is one of the most highly-referred relationship coaches globally, working with clients across 6 continents ranging from top tech executives and Hollywood celebrities to ordinary people living extraordinary lives. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • 99% of issues stem from the same core wounds, playing out in different ways
  • Learning how to communicate your needs 
  • How to be with your emotions and where you didn’t learn to handle your emotions as a kid
  • A different look at understanding attachment styles
  • Changing the patterns for future generations

Eri is the mama of two incredible children and shares a powerful conscious relationship with her husband, Jaymin Patel. Don’t forget to grab her best-selling book, Relationship Agreements and check out Relearn Love. You can keep up with her on Instagram @coacherikardos and join her private Facebook group, Relearn Love Group.

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