What if you didn’t feel you needed a vacation from your life? But you could wake up each day and love the world you’ve created for yourself. That’s a fully lived life!

My guest today is Jaymin J Patel, a Growth Coach & Soul Mentor for High-Achievers.

Jaymin’s mission is to help soul-aligned leaders unlock their Greatest Achievement Potential, experience the highest levels of freedom & truth, and easefully expand into even more abundance in health, wealth, & love… …without misspending a single ounce of their precious time & energy on the oh-so-common hurdles that hold most people back. 

Jaymin is the author of 8 books, a (TEDx )speaker who has delivered 500+ paid talks, and a highly sought-after, heart-driven, no-fluff, intuitive coach. Most importantly, he’s a dad of two incredible kids and shares a beautiful conscious relationship with his wife, Eri. 

Bonus for me – they all live a few minutes away from me, here in Bali

In this episode, we chat about Jaymin’s story, including:

  • Quitting his job as a top-earning consultant in the corporate world to try something new
  • How to navigate the hard things while simultaneously validating your experience and moving through it
  • Shifting from the achievement game to the fulfillment game
  • The basics of emotional mastery and experiencing your emotions
  • How to be your most authentic self 

You can keep up with Jaymin on Instagram @iamjayminjpatel and on Facebook as Patel J Jaymin. There are also amazing free resources for you to check out in his Everything is Possible Facebook Group.