Do you ever feel like the mindset work you’re doing to change your beliefs, especially around money, doesn’t seem to be doing anything? Our guest today shares about the importance of supporting the body with nervous system care in order to create internal safety.

Hadley Hagen is a nervous system educator and money coach. She cares profoundly about the connection between money and the nervous system and believes that without an understanding of how the nervous system works, you can’t make real, lasting changes in your money life.

With a background in business and economics, Hadley combines tactical, practical money management with a trauma-aware, body-first approach to help her clients develop deeper self-trust with money.

We discuss:

  • Getting outside your comfort zone with safety
  • Ways to nurture yourself with a “body first” approach
  • How to find safety and security in your nervous system
  • Changing the way you see problem-solving as a lifestyle
  • How the nervous system relates to money mindset
  • Easy ways to self-regulate your nervous system

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