My guest today dives right into the usually stigmatized conversation around porn and other digital addictions. More importantly, he shares how to change our behavior towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

Jeremy Lipkowitz is an executive life coach, a mindfulness trainer, and a former Buddhist monk. Jeremy overcame addiction, shame, self-judgment, and depression in his early twenties with the help of mindfulness meditation and Buddhist philosophy. This helped him let go of destructive behaviors and connect with deeper meaning and purpose in his life.

For the past 10 years, Jeremy has been teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence worldwide.  He has been featured in places like Men’s Health and Livestrong Magazine for his work in helping people overcome compulsive behaviors and addictions. 

This is a really powerful conversation to listen to. Even if you don’t believe you’re someone who suffers from digital addictions, it will help you to empathize and understand others who do.

We discuss: 

  • How addiction impacts your joy and fulfillment
  • Self-awareness of when porn becomes a problem
  • Understanding the addiction of novelty
  • How porn can create problems in your life, relationships, and health
  • Releasing shame and stigmas 
  • Using mindfulness to overcome addiction

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