Discover the immense strength of a sexually awakened woman, as there is truly nothing more potent than a female fully embracing her sexuality. Today’s guest knows all about that!

Arja Hendrikx, is a Tantric Sexuality Teacher and Speaker, who helps you elevate your lovemaking from ordinary to extraordinary. Her powerful guidance educates women on how to unleash their sexual power, resulting in a deeper connection to themselves and a more fulfilling intimate life. Learn how to unlock your full sexual potential and achieve greater pleasure and intimacy through her expert teachings on sexuality, sex education, and female empowerment.

Arja shares her story of overcoming her own shame in the bedroom and the common themes that keep us from enjoying intimacy. More importantly, she gives amazing tips on how you can start your own awakening journey.

We chat about:

  • Releasing your shame and judgment around sexuality
  • Performance-mode or body insecurity during lovemaking 
  • What to do about painful, uncomfortable, or non-pleasurable sex
  • How to get out of your thinking mind and into your present body
  • The ways empowered sexuality benefits your entire life

Journal prompts from the episode:

  • How do I judge things related to sex?
  • How real and honest am I in the bedroom?
  • How am I in the bedroom and who am I in the bedroom?

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