Enneagram is a powerful personality tool to help you better understand yourself and your patterns. Our guest today has a unique take on how we can best use this tool for your personal healing.

Sarajane Case is a trained Enneagram teacher, she is an author of the popular self-help book The Honest Enneagram, and Host of the Enneagram & Coffee Podcast. 

She helps people to find their perfect balance between self-care and growth so they can release shame on their path to doing less harm.

In this conversation, we explore the emotional parts of our personal Enneagram type. It’s the perfect episode, whether you’re brand new to Enneagram or you’ve deeply explored it – there’s something for everyone in this conversation.

We discuss:

  • Using Enneagram as a tool to better understand yourself and others
  • Not putting yourself in a box or label
  • Having self-compassion and a loving relationship with yourself
  • Being less in your logical mind and more in your emotional body
  • What is your enneagram type trying to teach you?
  • Your inner child and the role they play in your type

Sarajane’s new book – The Enneagram Letters: A poetic exploration of who you thought you had to be – just released and is now available wherever you buy your books.

You can keep up with Sarajane on Instagram (and share her posts like my mom and sisters do) by following @sarajanecase. Tune into her podcast, Enneagram & Coffee, or check out her books and services at theenneagramletters.com.

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