How much time I spend on my phone is generally a big indicator of my mental health.

When I’m not feeling calm and centered in my nervous system, I tend to sway back and forth between my overdoing, overworking, and overthinking mode… and doing nothing but checking my phone and numbing out.

This amped up again this year, so I’ve been working to reduce my phone addiction over the last six months. I’m sharing some of what’s helped me, including:

  • App blockers and deleting apps from my phone (after admitting I have no willpower and that’s okay)
  • Setting intentional check-in and break reminders on my phone
  • Releasing the shame and guilt around my phone attachment so I could get curious about my needs
  • Purposefully planning things to spark joy and enthusiasm in my life
  • Allowing moments of boredom

If you’re wanting even more support in befriending your mental health, enjoying true relaxation in your life, and dropping the weight of expectations – my group program may be the perfect fit for you. Free to Rebel is launching again soon! Reach out for details.

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