Dream Job, Travel, and… Burn out! The pathway to your dream job (and life) is one built on trust

Amanda Pointer shares her fascinating story of becoming a full-time digital nomad. After a couple of years of “getting by,” she landed her dream job: the Director of Content for a travel blog called Two Wandering Souls.

She continues to travel full-time while learning to balance self-care, friendships, and the mental health challenges that continue to surface along the way.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Life as a digital nomad: the good and the bad
  • Recognizing burnout and the challenge of slowing yourself down
  • Landing a dream job by following your desires and boundaries
  • Ideas for how to take self-care and reduce anxiety
  • Post-Pandemic anxiety and self-acceptance 

Keep up with Amanda’s travels on Instagram @amandapointer and check out the blog she supports: twowanderingsoles.com.

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