You want your life to look different… but somehow, you end up on the same path, day after day. What gives?! Our guest today on our Embracing Human podcast has some ideas about how to step out of this loop, find purpose in your life, and experience true freedom.

Laurel Van Woerkom is one of my dear coven sisters, a fellow digital nomad, and a badass Life Liberator. She is a life and well-being coach who specializes in helping clients overcome burnout to build a life of balance and purpose.

In today’s world so many of us struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety, and societal pressure to fit a certain mold. Laurel provides a place for clients to reconnect with their desires and uncover their true, authentic selves. Only through a greater understanding of ourselves can we define the life we’re meant to live and take the necessary steps toward building it. 

In this episode, we dive into a number of yummy topics including:

  • Our stories on how exes can bring up things we haven’t healed just yet and how to gently witness it
  • The ways society conditions us, especially based on our genders
  • You want your life to look different, but can’t seem to get off your current path
  • Unconventional pathways to your dream career and lifestyle (and motivation)
  • How to get back on track when you’re out of alignment with your purpose
  • Identifying the fears that hold you back from what you actually want

Laurel’s favorite platform is Instagram where you can find here at @_love.laurel. You can visit her blog or book a free coaching consult here.  

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