When in doubt; repeat positive affirmations. Daily.

Every minute of every day, your body physically changes in response to the thoughts running through your head. The brain sends signals and releases neurotransmitters when you think about something, these chemicals control all your body’s functions, including mood and feelings.

What you think, visualize, and say to yourself can change your physical and mental state of being. Studies have shown that affirmations can help us respond in a more positive and resistant way when presented with life challenges. Pretty amazing, right?

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are more than fluffy, feel-good words to boost your mood. They also help build optimism, reduce stress levels, and improve your self-confidence and self-love. While affirmations are no substitute for personal coaching or therapy when you are experiencing anxiety and life-altering moments in your life.

How and When to Use Affirmations

Ultimately, the way you use your affirmations is completely up to you. However, here are some ideas to practice affirmations:

  1. As you wake up, take deep breaths and think positively about your day.
  2. Say it clearly, and loudly 
  3. Repeat the affirmations as many times as you like
  4. Meditate on it if you feel like it
  5. Lastly, take deep breaths in and absorb the positive energy and big exhale and let go of any negative thoughts

You might find it a little bit challenging to write your own affirmations in the beginning, but don’t worry, I gotchu! 

60 Daily Positive Affirmations

They can be used as a part of a morning routine or as your “word of the day”. Before those negative thoughts creep in, consider giving one of these positive affirmations a go:

  1. I am kind and loving to myself and others.
  2. I deserve all the good things in my life.
  3. I am courageous.
  4. I am kind.
  5. In every moment, I am exactly where I need to be.
Positive affirmations
  1. The world is a beautiful place because I live in it.
  2. I am the creator of my own destiny.
  3. I am doing what is best for my body, mind and soul.
  4. Today is a good day.
  5. I choose to be happy.
Positive affirmations
  1. I am strong and fearless
  2. Everyday brings new opportunities.
  3. I am grateful for all that I have.
  4. I will rise to the challenge.
  5. I am successful.
Positive affirmations
  1. I can do this.
  2. Great things will happen today/this week.
  3. I am healthy and strong.
  4. I wake up each morning feeling confident and empowered.
  5. I will spread kindness today.
Positive affirmations
  1. I radiate positivity.
  2. My strength is greater than my struggles.
  3. It’s more than okay to take a break.
  4. I will not worry about things I cannot control.
  5. I’m doing the best I can and that’s enough.
Positive affirmations
  1. I am safe.
  2. I am beautiful.
  3. I am living in the moment.
  4. The universe/life has always been kind and loving towards me.
  5. I fill my heart with love and compassion for every living being.
Positive affirmations
  1. I am powerful in my spirit and positive in my mind.
  2. I welcome all the positivity and vibrancy in my life.
  3. I am calm and peaceful from the inside and vibrant from the outside.
  4. I cherish each and every experience of my life.
  5. I am an open channel for creative ideas.
  1. All that I seek is already within me.
  2. Everyday I am becoming a better person.
  3. I am always mindful, compassionate and optimistic.
  4. I always find solutions to my problems.
  5. Today is a great day.
Positive affirmations
  1. I am unstoppable.
  2. I am a force of nature.
  3. I see miracles everyday.
  4. Setbacks are opportunities to grow.
  5. I will make a difference.
Positive affirmations
  1. I am worthy of what I desire
  2. I can and I will. End of story.
  3. All I need is within me right now.
  4. I’m freeing myself from all destructive doubt and fear.
  5. I believe in me.
Positive affirmations
  1. I am beautiful.
  2. My soul radiates from the inside and warms the souls of others.
  3. I am unique.
  4. I choose to be happy.
  5. I am vibrating in the frequency of success.
Positive affirmations
  1. I love myself.
  2. I use obstacles to motivate me to learn and grow.
  3. I am living with abundance.
  4. I am healing and strengthening every day.
  5. I am resourceful.
Positive affirmations

As humans, our lives start in our brains. Our thoughts affect our beliefs. Our beliefs affect our behaviors. Our behaviors shape our habits. Our habits determine our success and growth. So, to effectively change our lives, we need to work on our thoughts and mindset, especially the thoughts we have about ourselves.

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