Getting help with your business is one of the first, yet most important hires that you can make as an entrepreneur or solopreneur (believe me, I know this!)

Until you have someone on your team to whom you can delegate specific tasks, you will continue to waste valuable time and energy on activities that don’t actually contribute to the growth of your business.

But how do you find the right person that you can trust?

Today, I am getting personal with my VA on how we successfully work together as a team:

  • How to establish healthy boundaries and expectations
  • How you can build trust with your team
  • The importance of understanding cultural differences
  • Why and how to cultivate honest, expressive communication on your team
  • Powerful ways to support your team

… and so much more!

Lexy is my assistant for The Remote Yogi, as well as my team lead for my Pinterest agency. You can reach out to her at or simply send her a meme that represents who you are on a bad and good day!

Team building

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