When you last had sex, were you deeply present, feeling the exquisiteness of each and every moment? Or were you distracted, trying to get to the finish line, simply ‘fuck till you cum’ kinda vibe, felt confused and frustrated at yourself?

If you have been wanting to overcome adversity, shame, conditioning, and fear to start claiming your sexual power and live a more turned-on and fully-expressed life, grab your earphones because we are getting saucy!

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How to truly enjoy a more fulfilling sex life
  • How to find a balance between feminine & masculine nature within us
  • Embracing your sexual and emotional vulnerability in your relationship
  • Applying the law of polarity to spice up your sex life

Kayla Yoder is a feminine embodiment coach who helps powerful women reclaim their femininity for more fulfilling sex and relationships with the masculine.

Through coaching, workshops, and speaking, Kayla empowers women to be a full FUCK YES to life and have more joy, pleasure & freedom. Ultimately, she helps women connect to their true power source, access the depth of their divine feminine essence, and experience true freedom.

Follow her juicy journey on Instagram @bykaylayoder, her Podcast My Letter Isn’t Scarlet, It’s Fucking Gold, or hop on her website at www.kaylayoder.com 

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