When was the last time you truly felt rested? For most of the people I talk to, they can’t remember… or they think back to that vacation a couple years ago where they finally got to lay on a beach and do nothing. Years ago. So, why do we avoid rest so much? It’s all about the way you think of it and there are three major mindset shifts to make to enjoy more rest and have more fun.

I get it – it’s not “that easy,” but your mindset is the stepping stone to making major changes in your life.

So, humor me. Let’s check out these mindset shifts below and I want you to consider this:

  1. How do these mindset patterns come up specifically for you?
  2. What is a new way to see this thought that not only feels better, but still sounds truthful?

You got it? Let’s do exploring.

3 Mindset Shifts to Enjoy More Rest

While these aren’t the only mindset challenges we experience around relaxation and enjoyment, they seem to be the most common. I encourage you to stay curious.

Old Mindset #1: I need to be productive instead.

Did you know we each have an amount of time each day that our brains are able to focus clearly and work productively? We have limited brainpower. At some point, your ability to think and process well sort of drops of a cliff.

While you can improve your brainpower and say, increase your productive time from 4 to 6 hours per day, you will still have a limit to it. And one of the ways to refuel that brainpower? Rest.

By taking time off from all the work you have to do, including at-home chores and habits, you may actually be increasing your brainpower. Thus, tomorrow you will be able to do more, quality work in less time.

Resting = more time.

Old Mindset #2: It’s selfish to have “me time.”

This one used to come up in my yoga classes a lot. Parents would work all day, then drop their kids off at the gym daycare to attend class. It would leave them full of guilt – until I’d ask a simple question.

“What kind of mom are you on days you do yoga (or something nice for yourself) versus the days you don’t?”

That’s usually followed by some silence and then, an embarrassing admission that they’re a pretty stressed out, grumpy mom when they’re not doing things for themselves. This is the same realization we can have about all areas of your life.

The mindset shifts here? Believing that by taking the time to do things for yourself to refuel (or hell, have fun), you become a better person. You get to show up as a more energized, non-stressed-out version of yourself! This can make you a better parent, lover, co-worker, friend, sister, boss, etc.

Old Mindset #3: I don’t have time for it.

Believe me, you do. But don’t just take my word for it. I dare you to whip out that handy little device in your pocket (or maybe it’s already in your hand now) and see if your settings are already tracking the amount of time you’re spending on apps. The numbers may shock you.

It’s all about priorities! I get it, social media and endless episodes of the 100 may seem like they’re helping you to wind down, or that they’re all you can manage tonight, but they’ve just been at the top of your priorities list for too long.

You. You get to be the freaking priority in your life.

Even if you can only commit to ten minutes! Five, even?

What do you love to do? What refuels you? Take a walk around the block for some fresh air. Dance around your kitchen. Call your mom or best friend. Watch YouTube videos that fill you with joy and laughter.

If you’re a parent? Disappear for five dang minutes! Seriously, a mug of tea and kindle at the bottom of your closet for just a few moments of peace.

Looking for quick ideas for self care? Check out this list.

If you don’t spend a little time taking care of yourself and resting, things aren’t going to change. Stress will continue. The to-do lists will never feel accomplished. And worse, you may even reach burnout.

Please, please don’t hit burnout.

I’ve been there and I promise you, it’s just not worth it.

Use these three mindset shifts to start changing the way you see relaxation and playtime. It will help you to achieve all the other things on your list, but hopefully, with a bit more joy and ease.

Wishing you the best of luck!

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