Are you allowing yourself to visualize a grand plan for your life and business? Can you bring back your childlike imagination to dream even bigger?

Rose Mystica is the amazing business owner of Ensiklo Musica and a talented musician who is always trying new things. Even throughout the pandemic, Rose has continued to expand her business, launch her first single on Spotify, and prioritize building a life she loves.

Rose shares her inspiring story of hustling for music students in school parking lots to running a popular music school with multiple branches throughout Indonesia. Without knowledge of how to run a business, she learned to go with the flow and pursue her dreams with faith. Even when self-doubt came up, she found a way to move through it with confidence.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Allowing yourself to make mistakes and fail in the direction of your goals
  • How to take ownership for the work you’ve done
  • Building confidence and self-belief as an entrepreneur
  • Prioritizing support in order to expand the business
  • How to put your needs first while going after your dreams

Keep up with Rose’s music, travel, and silly videos on Instagram @rose.mystica and TikTok @rose.mystica. You can also find her music on Spotify as Rose Mystica.

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