Uncertainty in this life is pretty much guaranteed, so why do we fear the unknown so much?

Many of the women in my Facebook group have asked for tips on navigating the unknown and how to release your desire to control everything. This week’s podcast episode is a recording from a quick workshop I held live in that group – Remote Yogis Worldwide.

As humans, so much of our lives are unknown and out of our control, so learning how to master this skill is paramount to your wellbeing. This is a conversation on how I’ve overcome this fear myself and the tools I use with my clients to do the same thing.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to see uncertainty as something to embrace
  • Tips for calming anxiety around the unknown
  • New mindset tricks to release the need to control things
  • How to take charge of the few things you CAN control

I believe in you and you’re ability to love the unknown in life!

I’m also thrilled to invite you to join my powerful program Free to Rebel here! It’s an 8-week program to teach you how to tackle the fears that keep you playing small. This program starts July 9th, so make sure to reach out asap for details.

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