I’m going to take a wild guess that you’ve placed someone on a pedestal at some point in your life.

You know how that looks – when think someone is much better, cooler or hotter than you. Or it can also be a sense of idolizing someone you look up to or believe in.

What’s the problem with pedestals? They create a sense of separation. When someone is better than or less than, we’re not operating from the same playing field – which isn’t true. This pattern increases self doubt and insecurities, which we want to avoid.

In this episode, I chat about:

  • How we place celebrities, teachers, and partners on pedestals
  • The way seeing someone as better than you creates an energy of separation
  • Wanting to be on a pedestal creates distance in relationships
  • Clearing out the desire for perfection or a savior
  • Pedestals and polish can create inauthenticity in business

I share a story about how I placed myself on a pedestal in my marriage and it ultimately influenced our divorce. 

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