Feeling constantly tired and exhausted is not just ‘the way it is’. Quite often these are symptoms of burnout that we as a society have normalized. 

In today’s episode, Alice Merron shares her extreme story of burnout and what you need to know to prevent it, navigate it, or recover from it.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • The physical and emotional signs of burnout
  • Corporate culture and normalizing symptoms of burnout
  • Expectations we unknowingly place on ourselves that contribute to burnout
  • Redefining our ideas of success and how this can help us avoid burnout
  • Utilizing burnout as a course correction to your true life path
  • The struggle of perceived loss of identity that comes with recovery from burnout
  • Tangible steps you can take to navigate burnout

……and much much more.

Alice Merron is originally from London but currently living in Bali. She worked in finance in London for over 3 years as a former senior associate within the Big 4.

After burning out to an extreme level, she quit and transitioned into transformation coaching after training as an NLP master practitioner.

She facilitates transformations for ambitious individuals making powerful decisions to take a big leap in their life.

Alice does this by tackling their most stubborn blocks and limiting beliefs so that they have a breakthrough in confidence and develop a radically expanded next-level vision for themselves and their careers.

You can find out more about her “Fast Track to Future States” program which uses a unique blend of visualisation and NLP techniques at www.alice-merron.com

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