Holding up the desire to be a “good girl” exhausted me throughout most of my life, until I decided it was no longer something I needed to care about.

My story is deeply connected to my roots in the church and what it taught me as a child. Through the lessons I learned at that age, I took on a lot of shame and judgment. It led me to a lot of self loathing and self-harm.

Even more shocking, I still find that my childhood faith still impacts how I play small as an adult.

While my experience may not be the same as yours, I ask that you hear it and understand that many other women have experienced similar stories. I honor everyone’s right to their own beliefs, as long as they’re not pressured onto others.

In this episode, I share:

  • How I wanted to be a perfect good Christian girl, while equally knowing I would “never be enough”
  • The shame of sexual desire in my youth
  • Developing deep judgment for myself and others
  • Self-harm as a form of self-punishment for being “bad”
  • Experiencing the weight of shame and numbing out 
  • To be a woman meant being selfless and subservient 

What I’ve realized in shedding these controlling concepts are that women are fierce and powerful! When we shed the need to fit into a perfect “good girl” box, we step into our true selves and man – it’s stunning!

I work to help women clear shame and believe in themselves in my 1-1 program, Empress. You are here to be FREE, to get clear on what you want and say “YES” to your happiness and power. Learn more about the Empress program here or message me at @theremoteyogi on Instagram.