The Full Moon is a very powerful and intensive time. What a perfect time to roll out your mat and release things with full moon yoga!

Each time I look up at the night sky, I’m impressed by how much the moon is illuminated in its magical beauty.

Full Moon denotes an abundance of acquired goodness, heightened energy, receptivity and strength. It can also manifest in the overflow of emotions, erratic behaviour and overheated conversations. Wild, isn’t it?

On the day of the Full Moon, the earth is located between the sun and the moon, which causes the pull of the tides, waves and oceans. Water makes up such a large portion our human body. It is no wonder we feel the wild effect of the Full Moon!

Yoga and The Moon

Lucky for us, Full Moon also represents a beautiful time for deep release all that no longer serves us. You may think of things like negative self talk, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, anger, resentment and guilt.

By surrendering this things on the Full Moon, we prepare ourselves to plant seeds of intention for the New Moon to come.

Honoring the Full Moon energy, I am offering a yoga practice to enhance our connection with the moon. We will release tension and restore our energy. By the end of this 20-minute practice, you will feel grounded, rejuvenated, and fulfilled.

We’ll focus on surrendering and letting go of what no longer serves us. What’s blocking your joy that you would like to release today?

It’s time to open yourself up to receive all the celestial gifts the Full Moon has to offer.

You may feel energetically elevated and experience amplified emotions, yet a little ungrounded or obstinate. Yoga practice might not feel like the right thing to do. That’s okay!

Learn More about the Full Moon

As I mentioned in the video, one of my favorite ways to continue the full moon cleansing power is with a bath or shower, filled with intentions. You can start by creating a sacred space for yourself. Then, experience the powerful energy of the moon with a powerful Full Moon bath ritual.

You can also continue to follow the moon throughout the entire cycle to connect to different energies.

Did you know that if you are a woman, you feel a greater connection to the moon? Learn more about how you can follow the moon phases to reconnect with femininity here. I also share more ideas on rituals you can do for each part of the phase.

Enjoy this release and let me know what you think of the yoga class in the comments below.

Happy Surrender,