Do you ever feel disconnected from who you are or what you actually want? Jackie fully relates!

Today’s episode is a bonus! This is a recorded live conversation with my past client, Jackie, who shares her journey to find her own inner compass. Through the work we did together and the path she’s continued on her own, Jackie is clear on her desires, what makes her happy, and is no longer settling for less.

We chat about SO many things in this episode, including:

  • How to get clear on your desires by tuning into feelings, rather than logic
  • Determining your own path versus the path that you “should” take
  • How to go from being a “certified good girl” who did what she should to a woman who makes decisions based on inner knowing
  • Reducing the emotional labor as a woman and making space for our own emotions
  • Learning how to rely less on logic and reason in order to feel your intuition as guidance
  • Getting clear on the understanding that you can be grateful and still want things to be different in your life simultaneously
  • How to release the need for external validation and people-pleasing
  • Jackie’s decision to sign up for coaching and her tips on determining if it’s right for you

A big thank you to Jackie for sharing her story with us and making it safe for us to prioritize our own joy!

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