Do you ever feel like intuition is a word that you hear a lot, but you’re never quite sure what it actually means or how it shows up?

In today’s episode I am joined by the new-mom and intuitive coach Angelica Pascone. She brings amazing clarity to the concept of Intuition, how we all have access to it, and practical exercises to develop it. 

Join us in our heart-to-heart conversation where we discuss:

  • What intuition really is and the different ways it shows up
  • How to tap into the intuition we already have available to us
  • Tools and exercises you can use to develop your intuition
  • How people pleasing can override our intuition
  • The joys and challenges of being a new mom

Angelica is an empowerment coach committed to her life’s mission of guiding high-achieving, heart-centered womxn in shattering their personal and professional self-built glass ceilings by way of intuitive emotional mastery and soul-deep healing. 

A unique elixir of equal parts science and spirit, Angelica’s coaching philosophy lends credit to her medical background as a Physician Assistant as well as her lifetime experiences of being an empath, psychic, and medium. 

Connect with Angelica

Feel free to drop her an email at or send her a friend request over at Facebook. You can also follow her on Instagram at @angelicapascone.

If you’re on Clubhouse, look out for her complimentary hot seat coaching coming up in the future @angelicapascone.

Finally, her website for future reference (currently under construction) is

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