Yes, everyone’s (not so) favourite topic, Boundaries! 

Setting boundaries can definitely feel uncomfortable for many of us, especially for people-pleasers such as myself, but it doesn’t have to be. 

In today’s episode I talk about why boundaries are so important for our relationships, for ourselves and also for others. I get down into the details of exactly how to create them and word by word sentences you can use to communicate them whilst coming from a loving and kind space. 

In this episode, I break down:

  • Exactly what a boundary is and why we need them
  • Specific advice for people pleasers, why we find boundary setting so difficult and how to overcome it
  • How to create effective boundaries
  • How to communicate boundaries clearly, and the mistakes we often make
  • What to do when someone breaks a boundary; setting consequences and following through
  • 5 Main ‘Soul Rights’ to keep in mind when creating boundaries

I’ll say it again, Boundaries are a form of self-love, an act of self-care and honoring your worth.

 You may be surprised just how empowering it feels the more you practice and set boundaries in your life. It can very quickly shift from a feeling of discomfort to feeling amazing! I encourage you, with love,  to give it a try.

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