Have you ever enjoyed a full moon bath ritual? Girl – it’s time!

Believe it or not the moon controls far more than just our ocean waves. The moon deeply affects us too, especially a full moon. 

The full moon occurs half way through the lunar cycle, and it can affect us both emotionally and energetically. Everyone experiences this powerful time differently – some feel headaches, others intense emotion – but one thing we can all do is use this powerful energy to our advantage through a full moon ritual, and for me that often includes a cleansing full moon bath…

Why a Full Moon Bath Ritual?

The full moon is known as a time to release and let go; this is because, historically, before the earth was powered with electricity and the sky filled with thick clouds, the full moon would illuminate even the darkest of corners.

Therefore it became known as a time to shine light into your own life and assess what is and isn’t working. 

The earth may have changed since full moon rituals began, but behind our polluted skies, the moon is still shining down it’s intense powers. It’s still an incredible time to reflect on what in our lives is no longer serving us. We can use this powerful time to release and let go, through cleansing and intention setting. 

My Full Moon Bath Ritual and How to Create Your Own 

Before your cleansing bath, be sure to do your usual full moon ritual activities. For some, this often includes meditation, crystal cleansing or even card pulling. I like to mix it up, but there are two steps that are mandatory in my full moon rituals:

1. Write a Letter of Gratitude

Whether it’s a new moon, full moon, waxing crescent, it doesn’t matter, I start every one of these rituals with a letter of gratitude to the universe/source/mother earth or whoever it is you’re guided by, expressing gratitude for everything in my life.

2. Write a ‘Let Go’ List

I reflect on the past few weeks (aka the first half of the lunar cycle) and I look at what isn’t working in my life. It’s a powerful process and I advise you to do the same.

Are there any particular beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting your goals? Any recurring themes that have been stopping you from taking action? Any relationships in your life that are holding you back rather than propelling you forwards? 

List out what it is you need to let go of, here are some examples from my previous ‘Let Go’ lists: 

  • ‘I choose to release the belief that I am not capable of running a business’
  • ‘I’m releasing my inability to focus on myself’
  • ‘I choose to let go of my toxic relationship with ____’ 

If you feel like you’re trying to let go of something that can’t simply be released that easily, then try writing it like this:

‘It is safe for me to begin letting go of…’ 

Creating a Serene Full Moon Bath

After the writing exercises, prepare yourself for a magical bath.

Here’s a video breakdown of how I enjoy it:


First, cleanse your bathing area by decluttering your bathroom, give your tub a good clean, and finish by smudging with burning sage.


Create a serene and magical space by lighting candles or incense and bringing any healing crystals you might near you in the ritual. Please note: the crystals are not to be submerged, these are purely for supporting energy.


Fill your bath with water at a temperature that you find desirable and make the water feel as luxurious as possible by adding in bath salts, essential oils, and if you’re feeling extra sassy, throw in some pretty petals or bath bombs.

TIP: Recommended essential oils for full moon baths include Lavender, Frankincense and Bergamot.


Pop on music that will relax you. For me, that’s often an ambient style meditation track with binaural beats, however it’s whatever floats your boat – quite literally – so if you’re feeling called to bust out your fave 80’s rock album, then go for it. 


Submerge yourself into the water and fall into a relaxing position. Allow yourself to let go and spend some time simply acknowledging your senses; the water on your skin, the inviting smells and aromas of the oils, the sound of the water quietly pushing up against you through teeny tiny splashes.

Take long, slow, deep breaths and take it all in.

6. LET GO.

Continue to bathe like this for as long as you want. Wash & cleanse yourself and feel free to add in any other bath rituals you have (such as reading or drinking a glass of wine) and when you’re done, pull the plug on your bath.

As you hear the water slide down the plug whole, visualize your ‘Let Go’ list falling down with it and disappearing. Release these things that are holding you back. 

One you have emerged from your full moon bath, pay attention to how you feel.

Cleansed? Fresh? Light?

Journal on anything that came up for you during or after your bath and maybe think about how you can do something similar for the new moon. 

You can learn more about the moon phases, and how we, especially women, are in tune with the moon, in this article.

Meet Hannah

Hannah is a Mindset & Transformation Coach, specializing in helping women to shed their limiting beliefs and break free from the 9-5 lifestyle, allowing them to transform into the empowering entrepreneurs and lightworkers they’ve always wanted to be.

“Just like the caterpillar, you too have beautiful power and potential within you to completely transform.”