Does it feel like every time you have a great idea, you find yourself stuck and unable to pursue it? Fear can be a common reason for why you’re not experiencing your dream life right now. It’s easy to self sabotage with fear without even realizing it. There are three major fears that keep you from your dreams, but I’ll show you how to work through those fears.

It’s normal to have your diva brain come up with a bunch of excuses for why you can’t or shouldn’t do something. We have to talk about this because when we voice all this out loud, the fear becomes less dramatic. Just sharing the fear vocally can already reduce the power it has over you.

Being brave enough to talk about fear is a rebellious act!

Fear is powerful. But let me tell you one thing – you are way more powerful than the fear you have in your mind. You are meant to do great epic things. You’ve got this rebel energy within you that is begging for you to take a leap of faith and believe in YOURSELF!

Release Your Fears, Honor Your Dreams, and Bake with Me

In this video of Heart to Heart Baking with Taryn, this is exactly what I talk about: the three major fears that are holding you back and what to do about it. I also make delicious minced pies.

In this video, I use the mincemeat recipe from Domestic Gothess and the mince pie recipe from Paul Hollywood.

3 Major Fears That Keep You From Your Dreams

Over the least few years, I’ve worked with women all over the world to step into the confidence, empowered version of themselves. The first step is learning how to tackle their fears.

These are the three common fears I’ve witnessed.

Release the Fear of What Others Think

When you are consumed with other people’s opinions, it can be hard to get anything started. It’s challenging when your time is spent worrying about their expectations instead of focusing on the next steps towards your dreams.

Three things to remember when consumed by other people’s opinions:

  • Whose opinions matter? Take a step back and evaluate whose opinions you actually care about. This might be people you respect or loved ones, but definitely not the stranger on the internet.
  • Which opinions matter? Even with the people you respect and love, you may find subject matter makes a difference on whether you take on someone’s opinions. For example, I may not take business advice from my friends who aren’t entrepreneurs or relationship advice from someone who also struggles in their relationships.
  • Do you need to disconnect? If you’re too consumed by other people’s opinions, it may be good to take some time of social media and get privacy as you work through your next steps.

I know it’s not that simple, but that’s a quick summary of what I work on with my clients to stop this fear from sabotaging big dreams.

Release the Fear You’re Not Enough

Do you find yourself questioning your abilities or if you’re even good enough to go after what you want? This seed of self doubt will root you into the ground, making it much harder to move into a more positive future.

It’s not easy to go after a big dream when you constantly question yourself.

My tips for overcoming self doubt:

  • Identify your old stories and limiting beliefs. When did you take on the fear you weren’t good enough? How can you rewrite that story or look at it differently in a way that feels more positive about your abilities?
  • Focus on the wins. When you’re consumed by not feeling enough, it’s easy to focus entirely on the negative, like your failures or weaknesses. Instead, write down all your wins and accomplishments, focusing at what you are a badass at.
  • Keep a compliment stash. This helps in the long run. Keep a box of kind notes from people and/or a virtual folder with screenshots of kind things people say to you. This comes in handy when you’re being tough on yourself.

When you feel capable, you’re more likely to take the steps towards your big goals. For more on self belief, check out this article.

Release the Fear of What If

Oh my goodness. The “what if” brain loop is an exhausting one and the overthinking distracts you from taking action. Think of it as analysis paralysis.

As a naturally anxious overthinker myself, this is one thing I’ve had to work on myself in order to get after my dreams of traveling while running my own business.

How to stop the What If’s:

  • Recognize the pattern. Sometimes, just the act of calling it out the pattern can stop it in its tracks.
  • Allow yourself to play it out. For me, I sometimes need to write out all the worst case scenarios and give it some air time. In that process, I recognize how I would respond and handle each scenario if it happens.
  • Play with positive “what if’s”. If you give some energy to the possible things that could go wrong, give equal or even more energy to what could go write. What if it goes even better than anticipated?

Remind yourself that what if questions aren’t generally useful, but if you can’t shake them, work them out.

Ready to be fearless?

Of course, there’s always a bit of fear when we’re looking to make significant changes or do something brave. It takes a level of discomfort. Right?

We have to step out of our comfort zone in order to make something new happen. You can’t stay cozy and bundled up on the couch while expecting anything around you is going to change.

Fear won’t go away until you start to look at it directly and make action steps towards what you desire. Right? The anxious things quiet down when you start to make some movement. You’ve gotta take a step forward.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in yourself or joining a program that’s going to change your life, like my Free to Rebel program, ask yourself why you’re not ready? 

Is it fear based? If so, this program is perfect for you!

Free to Rebel is all about breaking through the fears that have you playing small and feeling stuck. It’s for the energy within you that isn’t comfortable settling for an average life.

This is a badass group program because I don’t believe we have to face our fears alone, but you are designed to thrive in a supportive group of rebel warriors. This program is for the woman who want to break free from convention, start her own business, or stop playing by society’s bullshit, made up rules.

If you are feeling connecting to this message, let’s chat. Even if you don’t feel ready.