Feeling blue? Winter time can be a challenging season for winter health, with less time outside, less movement, and usually more stress. It’s easy to feel gloomy or depressed. One of the activities that can uplift your spirit is moving the body, which is why I’m sharing a yoga for winter blue video – to cheer you up!

Any other sunshine lovers out there that struggle with the winter months?

Sure, it is great to cozy up near the fire with a steamy mug and a good book, but it can definitely get gloomy. We tend to spend less time out in nature and are busier than ever with added holiday obligations.

Sometimes, you just need some goofy yoga to pull you out of the funk of winter.

Uplifting Yoga for Winter Blues

I’m gifting you a fun class today! I challenge you to keep an open mind. It’s been designed to be a bit odd, to get you out of your head and into the body.

This class encourages you to explore fluidity in the body, rather than the traditional stiff movement of a common yoga practice. We sway, we act silly, and we literally kick it out!

All you need is a yoga mat to get started:

What’s even better? You can take some of the moves you enjoy the most and add them into your regular practice.

Who cares if you look goofy? If these moves help you to release your overthinking brain and, instead, enjoy some playfulness, then you can’t help but be in a better mood.

Movement for Winter Blues

There are things you may want to consider when practicing yoga or any other movement to ease the Winter Blues. When wanting an outcome from your practice, it’s nice to consider the elements that will set the intention of your yoga flow.

Let it be playful

The last thing you need right now is to take yourself too seriously. One thing that can sometimes irk me about traditional yoga practice is the serious, strict nature of it. That ain’t vibing when you already feel shitty!

Keep your yoga or workouts playful and add light with goofy moves, music, and creativity.

Change it up

Do you generally practice for a full 60-90 minute class? Give yourself permission to do less.

When you already feel a bit “meh,” everything feels a lot harder to do. You may never get started if it feels like a giant task, so always give yourself permission to do shorter classes or less work.

Time to slow down?

Do you need to slow things down for a bit?

Sometimes, the winter has me feeling blue and gloomy, at which point, this class with higher energy is perfect. However, there are times when I’m experiencing stress or anxiety and a sense of everything being rushed. In that case, it’s better to slow myself down for some gentle yin yoga.

Self Care for Winter Blues

At the end of the day, it’s all about tuning into your self care needs. Ask yourself, “what is my body craving right now? How can I support my mental and emotional health?”

Ask yourself what you need and go for it!

Check out this list with sixty ideas on how to practice self care ideas while you’re stuck at home.

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Let us know in the comments, what part of this class cheered you up the most?

Thanks for hanging with me!