Are you ready to stop playing small? Ready to embrace the whispering of the wild, rebellious spirit within you? I’m here for that!

It’s the final episode of season two and I’m feeling really sassy about this one. I’ve been heated up and turned on lately by the energy of rebellion, of going against societal norms, of being true to YOU. That’s what I’m talking about today.


In this episode, I break down:

  • What it means to play small
  • How to identify when you’re playing small
  • Ways to stop playing small & play big
  • How to live in your rebel, wild energy

I’m thrilled to invite you to join my powerful program Free to Rebel here! It’s an 8-week program to teach you how to tackle the fears that keep you playing small. Applications are only open until October 22, so reach out to me ASAP to learn more.

Don’t forget: This is the last episode of season too, but don’t worry – I’ll be back soon!

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