What could you accomplish if you had a power posse of lady support cheering you on? I’ve brought on one of my biggest supporters, dear friend, and business collaborator, Hannah Brown, to share her beautiful lessons with female friendship.


Hannah, also known as The Butterfly Coach, is a Digital Creator and Mindset Coach. In 2019, Hannah ditched her ten year marketing career, leaving the 9-5 behind for a new life as a digital nomad and set sail to Bali.

Now Hannah coaches females through her three step method, aptly named The Butterfly Strategy, to help them break free from the jobs, the relationships and the lifestyles that no longer serve them, guiding them towards an empowering transformation.

  • The power of female friendship and group support
  • Hannah’s pain and perspective from losing a baby this year
  • How to work your way through fear to transformation
  • How to find gratitude even in tough times

Keep up with Hannah’s amazing work at thebutterflystrategy.com or follow her uplifting and powerful stories on Instagram @the.butterfly.coach.

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