Do you ever feel like there is something holding you back? You take a few steps forward and then a million back? Well I can totally relate, which is why I invest in incredible coaches such as Elaina Ray to get unstuck.

Elaina Ray is a Business Coach and Intuitive who helps lightworkers build 6-figure businesses without burning out. She has a background in Fortune 100 business consulting, spiritual healing, and 5+ years of coaching experience.


In this episode, we chat about Elaina’s story of going from a broke yoga teaching in Bali trying to make ends meet as a life coach into the thriving six figure business she has now. She shares how she shifted her mindset about what she was worthy of which opened up the doors to not only the business she has now but also the love she has in her life.

In her own business, Elaina hit $350,000 in revenue in just 18 months and helps her clients bring their purpose to market, charge their worth, and bring in consistent income doing what they love.

We chat about:

  • Going from fired to a 6-figure entrepreneur
  • Using fear as an entrepreneurial guide
  • How to let go to find love
  • What it means to release the ‘how’ and trust the vision
  • Elaina’s process of stepping into ‘The Void’

You can find out more about her work at or by joining her Facebook community, Soul-Level Shifts

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