Ready for a completely new style of yoga? Forget the masculine vinyasas and strength training style. Explore something you’re craving – deep connection with yourself and your feminine nature. Today’s 20-minute video is a sensual yoga practice that will get you lit up and turned on!

Be honest, are you feeling connected with yourself right now? Are you finding pleasure within yourself? 

It’s all too easy for us to get swept up in our day-to-day lives and lose sight of what really gives us pleasure and joy.

We all Need a Sensual Practice

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, running a business or running a family, or a mix of both, we can so get caught up in the daily routines. Unfortunately, that tends to disconnect us from ourselves. Quite often without even realizing it.

We go into autopilot and break away from the sensual and sexual beings that we are. But it’s so important to connect with our sensual energy. It’s vital to have fun, to play, and to stay connected with our sexuality.

I deal with this is by turning on some sassy music that makes me feel sexy. Then, I allow myself to explore my body in a way that is a little more pleasurable than a traditional yoga practice.

Today, I want to share that with you.

I have created this unique sensual yoga practice. It’s a little different from our traditional styles, allowing you to truly connect with your deeper-self, with your sensuality, and with your sexuality too. 

Out of Your Comfort Zone with Sensual Yoga Practice

For this particular yoga practice, I would advise being alone, or at least with someone whose energy you feel safe and comfortable in. Then, grab anything you need to feel grounded and supported, such as fluffed up pillows or warm fuzzy blankets. 

But remember, we’re not trying to settle into our comfort zone here or aiming to stay in control.

Quite the opposite! Our goal is to ease ourselves into a playful, sensual practice that may even feel a little uncomfortable at first. But trust me – roll with! Be open-minded for this one and really allow yourself to feel sensually and sexually connected.

I even recommend doing this naked if you’re feeling rebellious.


Get Turned Onto Yourself with Sensual Yoga

With soft, playful movements, plenty of touching, rolling, hugging, and even self-massaging, there is a good chance you may begin to feel turned on during this yoga session.

Allow that feeling to be your guide through this practice. This video is all about what feels sweet, soft, and overall just making you feel goooooood. So allow your body to guide you into a sensual energy.

Ready? Let’s try it.

Add to your practice with a sassy, sensual playlist you will love. Here are a few of my favorites:

How to continue your high sensual vibe through your day

Wanna keep that sensual, feminine energy flowing off the mat, too? Here are some suggestions to continue that energy:

  • No need to finish the practice straight away. Keep the music – and body – turned on and continue to move, letting your senses guide you.
  • Follow up this sensual yoga practice with a relaxing self love meditation
  • Tune into what you love by adding a favorite activity or favorite food to your to-do list, something that brings you joy or pleasure.
  • Remember, you can return to this practice at any point if you want to connect with yourself on a deep level. Or just grab your favorite bits, like touching your neck and scratching your scalp throughout the day.

This practice is simply a guide, something I wanted to share with you to ease you into a more sensual style of yoga for you to develop on your own.

I would love to know how or what you would add to make it your own or to connect with your sensual self-even further. Let me know in the comments below.

Freedom to explore!