Do you ever feel uncomfortable about sex or talking about sex? Get ready to blush during today’s episode.

Erin Kyna is  a globally-recognized transformational  teacher, leader, healer, yogi,  and  certified  life  coach  hailing  from Australia. Her  soul  focus  is  helping  others  turn  fear  into  freedom through love and empowerment. 

On her world travels, she has collected tools,  mentoring, techniques, and modalities from spiritual leaders  to modern scientists,  combining to serve with a full spectrum of life-changing self-empowerment tools and wisdom.

We chat about:

  • Identifying and healing sexual shame
  • Exploring sexuality and the identity of bi-sexual
  • Feeling lovable without being in a relationship
  • Looking at sexuality, kink, and BDSM in a different way
  • Getting to the feeling of being limitless potential

You can follow Erin’s journey and beautiful poetry by following her on Instagram @erinkyna 

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