Are you craving more creativity in your life? Or do you want to be more connected with yourself and others? 

In this episdoe, I’m joined by Roel Cruys, a Tahiti born, globally raised, Dutch national with a shot of Indonesian blood coursing through the veins. As a kid, Roel found joy in imagining worlds of dinosaurs and galaxies – and wasted plenty of trees putting those stories under the forgiving eyes of whoever happened to be in his vicinity.

To Roel, to embrace being human means to embrace the meaning of our existence. And the beauty of life is that we get to decide what is meaningful to us. He found it in the love for connection. Connection with myself, others, and the world we are so deeply a part of. That’s what moves my pen and fills my journal with motivational quotes.

The journey into building a community of creatives began with a desire to have a shared space. Where people could be vulnerable in showing their heart – and art – in front of an intimate crowd and grow through that experience. Growth in the sense of feeling more alive. Growth in connecting with your true self and then unleash that beauty unto the world.

That’s what we talk about in this episode, along with:

  • A story of bringing his grandmother back to Indonesia
  • How to invite playful creativity into your life
  • Using art to build connection and vulnerability
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously

Roel would love to hear what makes you come alive. Feel free to reach out to him on Instagram @rtemoana or check out our creative community at Voices Unleashed: @voices_unleashed_

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