Do you often run from your hard emotions, like stress, anxiety, or sorrow? Today’s guest, Kieran Hedley, chats with us about the importance of sitting with these uncomfortable emotions.

Kieran is an anxiety coach from New Zealand. His own experiences with anxiety and depression propelled him into learning more deeply about the creation of this common and variant experience.

In the studies and teachings Kieran has undergone, he has learnt to work with people in a transformative way through teaching people how to do the healing themselves. In this episode, we dive into his own story and how important it is to be comfortable with our darker emotions.

We discuss:

  • Kieran’s breaking point and the decision to make changes in his life
  • The power of investing in your wellbeing and growth
  • Using a combination of science and eastern wisdom to work through anxiety and depression
  • How we use distraction to avoid our feelings, including relationships
  • Having the best “shit day”

Connect with Kieran on Instagram @coachkezza and check out his podcast, Pocket Coach. You can also join his healing community at

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