How can we support our friends and people we love when they’re going through hardship? Is there a way we can communicate our own needs when we’re dealing with mental illness?

Today’s episode is a conversation between some of my friends, Sara Silverstein and Victoria Evans. While we’re all thought leaders in our own industries, we still deal with our own struggles and how to navigate hard times without our relationships.

We all share our own ways of giving or receiving support, communication styles, and share a lot of human moments. We dive into:

  • Co-dependency resurfacing and breakups during Covid 
  • Understanding your friends’ communication styles and needs
  • Social media check in and unplugging for mental health
  • Ways to show support when your friends are struggling
  • How to hold space without needing to fix things for others

Victoria Evans is a successful Intuitive Eating Coach who is disrupting the diet industry through her fundamentally science-based approach. You can find her on Instagram @VictoriaEvansOfficial or online at

Sara Silverstein is an International Breathwork Facilitator and Aura Light Photographer. Keep up with Sara at @sarasilverstein on Instagram and check out the powerful work she’s doing at

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