Can I practice yoga on my period? YES! While many yoga gurus tell their students to skip practice while bleeding, I’ve found that after ten years of practicing myself, it’s sometimes a great thing to do. Today, I’m sharing a yoga flow for your period that I enjoy doing.

My biggest piece of advice? Always tune in and ask your body what it wants. And do that.

This isn’t just when you’re on your period; it’s a practice to follow at all times. Your body is a great indicator for your needs and listening to it is the ultimate form of self care.

Yoga and Menstruation: A Misunderstanding

Practicing yoga on your period can be a ridiculously controversial topic.

When I first began practicing Ashtanga, I was shocked when the male teacher told me, “you’re to practice every day, except for Saturdays and during your menstruation.”

I’ll be honest, I was bothered by that rule. Why was it okay for anyone to tell me when it was or wasn’t okay to move my body? More importantly, how can a practice that was originally created by and for men have any clue what my female body wants throughout the cycle?

More recently, common practices, like Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, have tried to justify their stance on minimal practice while bleeding. There’s discussion around the need to rest during this time or that some yoga poses, such as inversions, may be unsafe during this “sensitive” time of the month.

Here’s the thing – there’s no proof to back up the claims that certain poses or practices should be avoided during your cycle. With that being said, I do encourage my females students to stay aware of what feels good, especially during this time.

Self Care on Your Period

I’ll keep saying this over and over for the rest of my life – self care is simply asking for what you need in each moment and doing that. It’s the exact same thing on your period, but with even more awareness and sensitivity.

As much as it annoyed me that a male teacher asked me not to come to class when I was bleeding, I discovered a couple years later that I generally enjoy the time off when I’m on my lady holiday. When I started bringing awareness to my lady cycle and how it impacts my energy and emotions, I gave myself permission to slow down each month – which I love.

Looking for a really lazy practice? Try this yoga in bed.

However, every women is different AND the way you feel may be different every cycle. There are months when I’m full of energy and can’t fathom slowing down. Other times, I’m glued to my bed with a hot pad.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to treat your body throughout your cycle. It’s always about tuning in to what your body is asking for.

My Yoga Flow for My Period

The flow I put together for you is the type of yoga I typically enjoy when I’m on my period. There’s a bit of gentle standing movement that’s a little flowy and super feminine. It finishes with some cozy yoga on the couch (or on the bed).

If you’re craving really gentle, slow flow, just skip the standing practice and join me with a bunch of cushions and pillows. Give yourself permission to do what feels good and skip the rest!

Let’s do some period yoga:

I hope this practice leaves your body feeling delicious and rested. Give yourself some praise and gratitude for tuning into your body and practicing some self care today.

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How do you feel about practicing yoga or working out on your period? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Flow!