Does your life need a self care makeover? Or maybe a complete revolution?

Today’s guest, Rory Callaghan has a clear vision, to be part of creating Blue Zones globally, working towards good healthcare for all people at all ages, regardless of birth right. He works to create a platform for human centric health and wellbeing; a collaboration where SelfCare leaders share their wisdom openly and freely in the benefit of humankind.

Selfcare is learning to take ownership and take care of ourselves. Imagine the world could live in if we were to fill our own cup and serve from overflow. Imagine the ripple effect for our families and our communities with the collective compound of change that starts with SelfCare.

Rory shares the importance of giving ourselves time to change – at least 12 months of time. To have powerful, sustainable health and lifestyle changes, we can’t seek the quick fixes.

Some of our topics this episode:

  • Pain being the catalyst for change
  • How to honor your self care needs
  • What are the daily rituals for a healthy, happy life
  • Creating an environment for your wellbeing

Learn more about Rory’s mission and get your own copy of his e-book at SelfCare.Global and join the Facebook community, SelfCare Daily Rituals. Find him on Instagram @rorykc or find him on Facebook.

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