Being stuck at home gets pretty old when your bum starts to hurt from lounging on the couch all day. Besides, let’s think of this in a bit of a positive light and use this as an opportunity to bring some fun back into our homes. I’ve been coming up with ideas and thought I’d sure six of the ways I’ve been having fun during lockdown.

Now, before we dive into the list, I want you to start shifting your mindset. Rather than thinking about what mature, adult you would enjoy doing, think about what the young you would enjoy.

I’ve been asking myself, “what did I enjoy doing at home when I was a kid?” You know, back when I was full of imagination and possibilities. Why not bring some of that energy into your adult life?

I’d LOVE to hear what you think of when you ask yourself that question. Please sure them with me on Instagram @theremoteyogi or drop your ideas in the comments below!

Have a Dance Party!

Yes, I talk about dancing a lot, but it’s my favorite way to break a funk! It costs nothing, you don’t need anything to make it happen, and it’s just awesome.

Throw on some tunes and show off your best dance moves. There are some really awesome playlists on Spotify for any mood you’re in.

I’m also having so much fun getting others in on this with me virtually. On my group calls and even my private calls with friends or family, I put on a song and we “popcorn” the leader. I’ll lead a silly lawn mower move, popcorn it over to Rachel who throws her hands in the air, over to Sara who does a great shuffle, and everyone follows along.

Scavenger Hunt Anyone?

Who doesn’t love a simple game of clever clues and treasure hunting? All you need for this is some paper, a pen, and maybe a little prize for the winner.

Simply write down clues that tell you where to find the next clue. Hint: I came from a cow (under the milk) or your favorite part of every morning (under the coffee). Just make sure to put the hints in the right order when you make them.

Romantic twist: I recently did this, but I added someone I loved about my partner on the back of each clue and his prize was a love letter from me.

Create an Obstacle Course

Okay, let’s take a break from sitting on the coach and enjoy some adrenaline pumping movement! Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still get really creative within a small space.

Maybe you have to crawl under the table, hop over the back of the coach, army crawl to the bedroom, somersault across the bed. If you don’t have room to compete two at a time, compete with a timer!

We did this recently and the results were epic!

Make and Play Minute-To-Win-It Games

Thank you, Pinterest, for providing so many great ideas on how to make minute-to-win-it games at home. You usually don’t need more than the typical items you already have and it provides a fun ways of solid competition. Think – how many cups can you stack with one hand in under a minute?

I used to do this at my holiday parties! You can set up some stations around the room, use your phone as a timer, and keep everyone’s score on scoreboards, if you wanna make it really official.

Check out these ideas from Frugal Coupon Living and the Budget Diet.

Time for Creativity

I’ve been full of joy watching everyone’s social media flood with the creative projects they’re working on right now. We’re all slowing down and getting back to our creative roots. It makes me so happy!

Keep it simple and try a coloring book. You can attempt to draw, paint, write, create anything. What did you enjoy creating as a kid? Maybe you play with your partner and draw each others portraits for fun? Why not?

If you don’t have supplies, see what apps you can use on your phone and tablet to get your creative juices flowing.

Try Something New

Follow a lesson on how to create a new recipe on YouTube, attempt a workout type you’ve never done before, or learn some new dance moves. We are living in this amazing time when you can learn anything online, especially right now as many places are offering free trials and resources.

What’s something you’ve always been curious to try? Can you start doing some research? Can you challenge a friend to keep up with you on Duolingo?

Now’s a great time for learning.

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Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be dull or lonely. Let’s share all the childish, goofy fun we’re having at home. Make sure to tag me @theremoteyogi so I can share the fun and spread more smiles!

You’re powerful!