Have you ever thought, man, it would be so nice if I just knew what to do right now. How many of us have lost sleep over questions like, is this the right job for me? Is this relationship going anywhere? Overthinking becomes exhausting. However, when we boost intuition, we can actually find answers to these questions with relative ease.

As a naturally anxious person, it’s been a freaking challenge to build my intuition. Even when I had a hunch about something, I’d question myself constantly. A lot of this pertained to a lack of confidence in myself or, more likely, I didn’t know myself well enough to feel into it.

But realizing that my number one anxiety trigger was making decisions, I decided to finally do some research and experimentation to boost my intuition.

Don’t worry – you have intuition already, even if you think you don’t. In this post, I’ll share ways to tap into that inner knowing and boost intuition.

What is intuition?

Everyone will have their own way of describing intuition. Maybe, pause a sec and think of your own definition?

For some, it’s an inner knowing that drives their decision makings. For others, it’s a vibe they feel about other people or situations. You probably know of it as a “gut-feeling” or a sixth sense.

boost intuition

Psychology describes intuition as knowledge that’s not gained through a reasoning process or our five senses (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste). This is usually connected to the subconscious. It’s a quick thought process that produces knowledge or solutions without you really understanding why.

In a more spiritual description, we think about intuition as the understanding of the needs and desires of our true inner self or the “higher self.” Depending on your beliefs, intuition may be something you create entirely on your own or through the connection to something of a higher power – God, spirit guides, the Universes, angels.

And if you’re into witchy things, like me, you’ll appreciate this quote:

“To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges.”

Paulo Coelho

How do we find intuition?

To point it simply, slow down.

It’s in our silent practice that we become more intuitive. Through practices, such as meditation, you connect with yourself on a deeper level simply by witnessing your thoughts and how the body is feeling. Slow down your breath and tune in regularly, especially when making decisions.

If you struggle with slowing down, it will be near impossible to notice your intuition. If you’re not into seated meditation, try some of my active meditation suggestions or try my 14-Day Mindfulness Challenge with simple daily exercises to slow down.

How are we blocking intuition?

While slowing down is a great way to start noticing your intuition, there are also things you may want to stop doing in order to find greater clarity. There are certain behaviors we all have, myself included, that are major blocks to intuition.

Some of the basic blocks are:

  • Overthinking: Especially for those of us who are type-A or naturally anxious, we like to analyze the crap out of everything to try and make the most informed decisions. However, obsessive research and questioning will have you relying more on logic than your feeling (or intuition).
  • Negativity: This generally looks like fear. If you are feeling skeptical or doubtful of intuition, you can’t really get in touch with it.
  • Other people: While it is great to receive helpful advice, make sure you are aware of the source and whether they have your best interests at heart. Asking everyone around you for advice blocks your ability to connect with yourself.

6 Ways to Boost Intuition

So, other than slowing down, what can you be doing at home to build your intuition?

It’s sort of like a muscle that needs to be worked out regularly. The more you practice, the stronger it will become. If you ignore it, the muscle will grow weak.

The following exercises are a good way to call in intuition regularly:


Take the time to empty your mind of the chatter, even if only for a couple minutes. For simple meditation, try watching your breath, counting from 1-10 on repeat, or watching a candle flame. If you’re looking for some guided meditations, you can find some of my favorites in my Freebies portal.

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Trust Your Feelings

How does your gut feel when something is “off?” Do you get sick when thinking of certain things? Simply spend time each day reflecting on your body’s physical reactions to the different circumstances you may find yourself in.

Ask for Signs

Ask the Universe (or a higher power of your own understanding) to give you a sign that shows you’re moving in the right direction. I will regularly write in my journal or pray out loud, “Okay Universe, if this is the right path for me, show me a butterfly today.” You can decide whatever sign you like.

Turn Off Overthinking

Doing exercises that are repetitive can be awesome for shutting off your conscious mind and tapping into your subconscious mind, which is where intuition lives. Repetition activities may be things like dancing, chopping vegetables, playing an instrument, practicing yoga, cleaning, etc.

Play Games

Don’t take it so seriously! Play games with yourself. Maybe guess what playing card you’re going to draw or what song will come on the radio next. You can also play around with oracle or Tarot cards as a way to build your intuitive muscle.

boost intuition

Take Action

When you have a sudden feeling you should do something – do it! You probably experience this more often then you think. Do you remember a time you had a sudden impulse to call a friend and it was exactly when they needed to hear from you?

At the end of the day, just have fun with it!

There are many other practices I do with my clients to help them to stop overthinking and start feeling into their decisions. It can take a lot of pressure off our overloaded minds and reduces our reliability on anxiety. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a free alignment call with me here.

Remember this, everyone has intuition – including you!

Have fun,