This is the final episode of season 1! 

This first season is packed with so much goodness, juicy conversations, and too many amazing takeaways. To celebrate the end of the season, I wanted to pull together the biggest lessons I found in each of the 24 episodes.

If you missed any episodes from this first season, it’s a good episode to listen to because you get a sneak peak of my favorite pieces. If there’s a lesson you feel touched by or want to explore further, you can go back and listen to the ones you’re called to.

Listened to them all? Let this be a powerful reminder of everything you’ve learned so far!

Thanks for an amazing season! Tune back in on April 14th for the start of Season 2. In the meantime, catch up on anything you missed, email me your own Human Story, and please leave us a review on iTunes. Also, what would you love to hear us talk about next season?

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