Living with a chronic health condition can be challenging at the best of times, but over the years I’ve noticed a trend.

When I close myself off from people or isolate (and disconnect from my own creativity), I’m blocking two of the most incredibly healing pathways that can lead me back towards wellness.

Studies have shown that, while times & technologies may have changed, our need for & the value of community has not altered. We are wired to feel a sense of belonging. It’s more than the survival thing, though of course, that is part of it.

A Need for Community

A sense of community is immensely beneficial for our body, heart, mind & spirit.

I grew up in a very large family, where community & creativity were just a given: a part of life. Family gatherings included at least two guitars & plenty of sing alongs. There was always laughter & there were plenty of cousins / friends my own age to connect with.

Us kids would join in with the music for a time & then we would wander off to either climb the giant mulberry tree or set up shop in one of the outbuildings or cubby houses.

There we would create plays or create fabulous calisthenics and dance routines. So much fun!

Music & creativity are in my family. It’s true. We have been blessed with a natural ability to create. We’ve also received other gifts.

Which are endured & can hold the blessing of feeling things very deeply. Yes, a good majority of us were set upon the winding path of living with mental illness.

Creativity for Healing

Looking back, one of my darkest battles with my mental health occurred in 2013. It was after my grieving journey, following the sudden & shocking passing of my sister from a heart condition had moved into clinical depression & anxiety.

I felt so deeply low & had lost hope. I was finding it hard to leave the house. Sadly this state wasn’t new to me, so I took the steps & visited my GP & started back on anti-depressant medication.

I was pushing myself to exercise & doing my best to bring back some self care through nature walks & rituals / routines.

I’d been doing this for at least 6 months, yet still had many of the symptoms of my illness, when a close friend asked if I’d be interested in helping out at the local monthly market. Would I play music at the market & / or ask some of my muso friends / rellies to play?

What started out as an idea, turned into a huge part of my healing.

Through hosting these events & giving back, I reconnected with my creativity & my sense of community. I widened my musical friends group, met artists & attended art classes.

After a little while doing this, I felt well enough to step back into teaching Yoga & Dance.

Through reconnecting with my Yoga practice I felt such a sense of wellness. Through sharing Yoga with our local community & studying dance online, I’ve met even more beautiful people & feel such a sense of belonging & the freedom to be myself.

Music, Art, Yoga, Nature & Family/Community.

They are all so very important.

Please don’t close yourself off from this medicine. Find your tribe. Open up.

Just be yourself & allow friendship. Follow those zany sparks of creativity. It’s fun, healing aaaand…. you are so worth it. 

Guest Blogger and RY Tribe Teacher: Meggie Moon

Meg has a Diploma in Dru Yoga Teaching & has been sharing this style of Yoga locally & online, running classes, programs, workshops & events for 14 years. She’s always loved movement, health, nature & music.

We are so happy to have Meggie as a guest teacher for the Remote Yogi Tribe. You can try her course with a two week free trial!