How have we lost the art of conversation? Our guest today shares amazing tips on how to have deeper and constructive communication with those we love and complete strangers.

Victoria Cumberbatch is a queen of powerful conversations and communication. As a voice-over actor and host of the YouTube series, Anderson Street, she has useful lessons on how we can start to engage in better chats at our own dinner tables.

She has a great story of always feeling like the outsider and how she’s worked to overcome that feel through travel and self exploration. Viki spent a great deal of her adulthood in her longest running relationship – with planes, trains, and automobiles. In settling back in the New Jersey, she’s been able to challenge what it means to create better relationships.

We chat about:

  • Figuring out your own path instead of should
  • The feeling of not belonging and how to deal with it
  • Bringing back the real art of conversation and connection
  • How we can enjoy challenging conversations for personal growth
  • Relating to others through self-awareness and values

Catch Viki on Instagram at @adventuresofv or check out her site. Watch Anderson Street on YouTube and start a conversation at home.

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