This might be again everything you’ve been taught, but I’m sick of this obsession with goals. Aren’t you?

Listen, I get it. You gotta “Crush your goals” and “Ignore sleep until you make your millions.” But really, how effective is our current obsession with goals? Or timelines? Or the wonderful hit of dopamine that you receive when checking something off your to-do list?

Sure, it feels good to hit your goals, if you ever do, but did you actually enjoy the journey? And what if you end up switching the goal or the timeline moves or you decide that you’d really rather just ditch your plans and live on a sailboat? Did you fail?

I’m going to stir up a little controversy to remind you that the goal doesn’t even matter. Ready to stir the pot?

In this episode, I share:
– How to create direction for your life or business that is flexible and feels freaking good.
– How to release the need for obsessive timelines.
– How to drop the majority of your to-do list for things is actually a proper use of your time.

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